leave of absence

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The leave of absence Monsieur has asked for," replied the lackey.
They found him holding his leave of absence in one hand, and M.
Can you explain to me what signify this leave of absence and this letter, which I have just received?
Well, this leave of absence and that letter mean that you must follow me, Athos.
Since when, I wonder, in the Musketeers, did they grant men leave of absence without their asking for it?
You will avail yourself of every opportunity of informing us of your position and progress, and at the expiration of your leave of absence will join your proper station.
Captain Morstan was then to apply for leave of absence, to meet us at Agra, and there we were to have a final division of the treasure, he taking the major's share as well as his own.
I will show you the new lodging I have had prepared for you during your leave of absence, and whilst examining the last winter's plantations and two saddle-horses I have just acquired, you will give me all the news of our friends in Paris.
Byrne, in recent years, had undergone various procedures regarding cardiac issues that may stem from his earlier episodes of cancer, and his leave of absence is associated with these cardiac issues.
He was interrupted by committee chairman Philip Squire, who said this had already been considered by the Labour group, who decided not to grant leave of absence.
In a statement, Lloyds said: "The board of Lloyds Banking Group announces that, following medical advice, Antonio Horta-Osorio is taking a temporary leave of absence from his duties as group chief executive of the bank, due to illness.
The bank said earlier that Horta-Osorio was taking a temporary leave of absence from his duties as group chief executive due to illness, and was expected to return before the end of the year.