leave the impression

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Or is he content to leave the impression that Hain is the actual seat of power, even though he has failed to be elected to any position - neither deputy leader nor to the shadow cabinet - by his party.
There are potential rivals for the lead in today's field and Andrew Balding's juvenile didn't really leave the impression he was crying out for this return to 7f.
He also said the requirement to list only natural parents causes lesbian couples unjustified "pain and hardship" and would leave the impression that "there is something wrong or unnatural about their families.
Its formula, which is wheat and dairy free and high in fiber, protein, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and complex carbohydrates, might leave the impression that it must be a little too healthy to taste good.
FCMM does make an effort to highlight short works by more experimental filmmakers, maintaining a degree of focus on film artists like Montreal-based Nelson Henricks, careful not to leave the impression that these filmmakers are pushed to the back of the bus.
We should not leave the impression that all differences are resolvable or could be if we could be nicer or more empathetic.
Sexual orientation is a very important contemporary issue, and the discussion about the uncertain etiology of this phenomenon could leave the impression that there is vast uncertainty about the phenomenon itself.
Indeed, positive wording has such an agreeable quality that it can leave the impression that they don't.
Microchips' combination of small size and high value can leave the impression that they offer large benefits with little environmental impact, the scientists remark in an upcoming issue of Environmental Science & Technology.
Perhaps what is most remarkable about the essays -- disappointing but also instructive -- is that they leave the impression that medieval and early-modern authors had so little to add to the theory of dreams or dream interpretation.
Irregular indentations of the site, to which the architecture conforms, with the horizontal layering, leave the impression of geological strata haphazardly exposed; and the haphazard is further suggested by a restless circulation system of bridges, stairs, ramps, streets and alleyways.