leave the job

See: strike
References in classic literature ?
I love ornaments," said he, "but I can wait until tomorrow to get more of them; so, as soon as that stupid private is transformed, we will all go to bed and leave the job to be finished in the morning.
Steve's injury meant he had to leave the job with the RAF that he loved.
There was no proper sanitary facility and there were only three women due to which I had to leave the job within a week.
They do not mind working more as otherwise they will be asked to leave the job.
Your proof is a "Certification of Creditable Coverage" that you get from your former company when you leave the job.
He said he was saddened to leave the job, but felt it was time for someone new to carry forward the MTA's long-range plan for the future.
Most importantly, when the time comes to leave the job you thought you'd have forever, don't discount all those valuable years of experience.