leave unfinished

References in classic literature ?
Out of the high heaven is she summoned, from mystic communion with her own perfection, from majestic labours in the Sistine Chapel of the Stars,--yea, she must put aside her gold-leaf and purples and leave unfinished the very panels of the throne of God,--that Circe shall have her palace, and her worshippers their gilded sty.
Both Panetta and Petraeus are taking jobs that do not play to their main strengths, while they also leave unfinished business in their current jobs.
Now that people are finding they need to make room for grown children and their ungrown children as well as aging parents, memories are turning to that basement that they decided to leave unfinished when they bought the house in order to save money.
Which novel did Charles Dickens leave unfinished at his death?
He said they have agreed on four items they could leave unfinished to save money if needed.
14 a ton to eliminate a $47 million shortfall in the special fund, but one-half of the tax increase expires in April 2005 under the law, and is destined to leave unfinished work.
Did it leave unfinished business that liturgical experts today can complete?