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But, he got to an arched window in the tower, breast high, and holding tight, looked down upon the house-tops, on the smoking chimneys, on the blur and blotch of lights (towards the place where Meg was wondering where he was and calling to him perhaps), all kneaded up together in a leaven of mist and darkness.
Carlyle would accomplish this end by means of great individual characters inspired by confidence in the spiritual life and dominating their times by moral strength; Ruskin would accomplish it by humanizing social conditions and spiritualizing and refining all men's natures through devotion to the principles of moral Right and esthetic Beauty; Arnold would leaven the crude mass of society, so far as possible, by permeating it with all the myriad influences of spiritual, moral, and esthetic culture.
It is true that a poor man who needs must work for his daily bread cannot long keep up the struggle; but he can talk, and his words find an echo in every sufferer's heart, so that one bad case of this kind is multiplied, for every one who hears of it feels it as a personal wrong, and the leaven works.
A few years later, when Arnold's manly piety had begun to leaven the School, the tables turned; before he died, in the School- house at least, and I believe in the other house, the rule was the other way.
A LITTLE reason, to be sure, a germ of wisdom scattered from star to star-- this leaven is mixed in all things: for the sake of folly, wisdom is mixed in all things!
Whether the nuns of yore, being of a submissive rather than a stiff-necked generation, habitually bent their contemplative heads to avoid collision with the beams in the low ceilings of the many chambers of their House; whether they sat in its long low windows telling their beads for their mortification, instead of making necklaces of them for their adornment; whether they were ever walled up alive in odd angles and jutting gables of the building for having some ineradicable leaven of busy mother Nature in them which has kept the fermenting world alive ever since; these may be matters of interest to its haunting ghosts (if any), but constitute no item in Miss Twinkleton's half-yearly accounts.
I could feel the leaven working in his soul, you understand.
It leavens the"--she looked at him--"stolid stupidity of the ordinary Englishman.
He said to his disciples, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees," encouraging them to be vigilant in avoiding this threat to themselves and others.
Visconti's of Leaven worth, Visconti's Italian Restaurant, Wenatchee and Sun Mountain Lodge earned honor sat the Washington Wine Commission's 2009 Washington Wine Restaurant Awards sponsored by Seattle Business Magazine.
Iran`s first international bread industry was held on November 2007, in Tehran, he said adding that flour producers, bread producers, improvers, yeast producers, leaven producers and manufacturers of industrial bread machineries will attend the event.
There are moments of black comedy, but not nearly enough to leaven the show's overall grim tone nor to lighten its murky visual palate.