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Leaven. "I dare say they've not kept you too well at school: Miss Reed is the head and shoulders taller than you are; and Miss Georgiana would make two of you in breadth."
But I excuse it, it is impossible to expect the son of a Girondin to be free from a small spice of the old leaven." A deep crimson suffused the countenance of Villefort.
Yet such was the force of example that the village young men, who had not hastened to enter the gate while no intruder was in the way, now dropped in quickly, and soon the couples became leavened with rustic youth to a marked extent, till at length the plainest woman in the club was no longer compelled to foot it on the masculine side of the figure.
Beyond stretched the flat marshland, its mossy turf leavened with cracks and creeks of all widths, filled also with sea-slime and sea-water.
That grim presence shadows our lives, but who can deny that in that shadow the sense of duty, the feeling of sobriety and responsibility, the appreciation of the gravity and of the objects of life, the earnest desire to develop and improve, have grown and become real with us to a degree that has leavened our whole society from end to end?
Yet in an instant she had changed again to her old expression of merriment leavened with mischief.
15 Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread; even the first day ye shall put away leaven out of your houses: for whosoever eateth leavened bread from the first day until the seventh day, that soul shall be cut off from Israel.
Leaven is also a natural raising agent made using mixture of flour and water is also gaining popularity.
The disciples misunderstand Jesus' warning on "the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod." They think they are being reprimanded for failing to bring bread.
Rabbi Yosef seemed to base part of his ruling on the fact that leaven is not forbidden if a dog will not eat it.
ONE OF THE COMMANDMENTS associated with Passover is to remove chametz, leaven, from one's domain.
He said to his disciples, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees," encouraging them to be vigilant in avoiding this threat to themselves and others.