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The act of preparing for Passover also invites us to ask whether we're removing the spiritual leaven from our lives as well as the physical stuff.
Jesus began to speak, first to His disciples, "Beware of the leaven -- that is, the hypocrisy -- of the Pharisees.
He said to his disciples, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees," encouraging them to be vigilant in avoiding this threat to themselves and others.
Visconti's of Leaven worth, Visconti's Italian Restaurant, Wenatchee and Sun Mountain Lodge earned honor sat the Washington Wine Commission's 2009 Washington Wine Restaurant Awards sponsored by Seattle Business Magazine.
Iran`s first international bread industry was held on November 2007, in Tehran, he said adding that flour producers, bread producers, improvers, yeast producers, leaven producers and manufacturers of industrial bread machineries will attend the event.
There are moments of black comedy, but not nearly enough to leaven the show's overall grim tone nor to lighten its murky visual palate.
Inarritu and scripter Guillermo Arriaga leaven the proceedings with two sequences of pure joy: the nanny's brief, vital assignation with another man during her son's wedding celebration, and the ecstasy-influenced trip to a dance club that allows the deaf Tokyo teen (forcefully played by Rinko Kikuchi) to feel at peace, if only briefly, with the crowd.
Baking powder is widely used to leaven baked products.
It provides calcium and reduces sodium, while it helps leaven delicately flavored bakery products without negatively affecting taste or texture.
She joined the evangelical student club and provided a leaven of Catholicity there.
And there was something about being leaven and salt, both of which imply getting mixed in with other stuff, other people, I think.