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20 Ye shall eat nothing leavened; in all your habitations shall ye eat unleavened bread.
Loaves leavened with yeast had significantly thicker cell walls than loaves leavened with baking powder (p < 0.05).
"Because it's the most chametz (leavened) type of food."
Through a legally binding agreement, he buys up the country's vast stores of leavened foodstuffs, including those belonging to supermarket chains, factories, food companies and even goods en route to Israel on cargo ships and airplanes.
With a sense of humor leavened by political courage, Ratmansky remade the ballet.
FULL marks to Marcus Armytage for filling the best part of 300 pages with anecdotes culled from his articles in the Daily Telegraphand Horse & Hound, leavened with illustrations by the admirable Peter Curling.
The "Aha!" moments often pack an emotional or political punch, but are always leavened by the artist's sense of humor.
In researching the history of bread we learned that it was originally leavened by the Egyptians around 2300 B.C.
Chelsea: The Greatest Flower Show on Earth by Leslie Geddes-Brown (Dorling Kindersley, 160pp, pounds 16.99), a revised edition to mark the bicentenary of the RHS, is spiced with tales such as that and leavened with insights into the influences on garden fashion, some of the finest gardens and the experience of staging an exhibit at the show.
It's apparent too in Saddam's attempts at writing novels, because the worthy hero is a man whose strength and courage are leavened by poetry.
We have leavened the mix with a handful of thought leaders--Diane Swonk, Chris Zook, Clyde Prestowitz and Bill Niskanen.
Will perfectly cast Schwarzenegger as "a man who is, politically, Hollywood's culture leavened by a few paragraphs of Milton Friedman." For the GOP branch of the Establishment, this is a winning formula, in that it can hold genuine conservatives at bay.