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The collection is leavened by the inclusion of Baron, Kristeller, Mattingly and Burckhardt.
There is a despairing vision that runs throughout, only partially leavened by the jazz and the sex.
The thirty-eight chapters carry the fully descriptive titles: Ingredients from wheat; ingredients from other grains; Leavenera and yeast foods; Shortenings, emulsifiers and anti-oxidants; Sweeteners and malt syrup; Water and salt; Ingredients from milk and eggs; Fruits, vegetables and nuts; Spices, flavours and colours; Other ingredients; Unleavened bakery products; Products leavened with water vapour; Air-leavened products;Chemically leavened bread and rolls; Chemically leavened sweet goods; Yeast-leavened plain bread and rolls; Continuous, semi continuous and expedited doughs; Variety breads; Yeast-leavened sweet doughs; Other yeast-leavened products; Adjuncts - washes, glazes, icings and marshmallows; Adjuncts - streusels, pastes, fillings, etc.
While there is also a certain kind of clipped reporter's phrasing in My Paris, it is leavened with an aspect that seems missing from Ehrenburg's novels--a delight in his subject.
Crafted by artistic director Gideon Obarzanek along with choreographer Lucy Guerin and director Michael Kantor, Tense Dave is leavened with a dose of morbid comedy.
During the eight days of Passover, observant Jews do not eat any leavened products, known as chametz.
Peck's affection for horses as well as his understanding of boys' longing to prove themselves make this an emotionally convincing tale despite its sometimes slapstick action, leavened with some darker moments.
Rootwork's promises to help one get/keep/lose a man/job is leavened by encoded Miss Cleo-esque "For Entertainment Purposes Only
Instead, Harper relies almost exclusively on the work of the early modem chattering class, the Fieldings, Defoes and a host of social observers, leavened with the occasional Parliamentary report.
Yet our downheartedness is leavened by a measure of pride.
Baking during Passover is a challenge, as leavened baked goods and items made with flour are not permitted.
Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, more theater than dance, leavened the evening, with Joseph Ritsch portraying John Kerry and a hilarious David Neumann as Bush.