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As well as texture, the trials also investigated the sensory properties of tortillas containing Cal-Rise and other leavening agents.
What the new phosphate-based leavening does is critical--especially for bakers focused on meeting consumer demands for healthier versions of their favorite bakery products.
Demonstrate how to work with chemical and steam leavening agents by preparing the recipes at the end of this chapter.
Some food technologists have studied the dynamics of microwave baking and have developed new leavening systems and other ingredient changes.
Although research is continuing, opinion seems to be turning against the extended use of aluminium products and, in particular, baking powders using sodium aluminium phosphate as the active leavening phosphate.
There were the kooks from both wings, with a good leavening of middle of the road.
Wolf's ``Dragnet,'' in its first couple of episodes, recalls the luridness of ``Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'' without that show's leavening of its sadomasochistic crimes with genuinely thoughtful explorations of extremely difficult social issues.
What makes the breads quick is that most rely on leavening agents such as baking powder and baking soda for their rising action.
There was no yeast for leavening so he made his own leaven by mixing sugar and water, then letting it ferment in the sun.
The Passover challenge for bakeries or home cooks is to make baked goods without leavening agents, including yeast, baking soda and baking powder.
Zellweger has a few extremely powerful scenes - her temperature-raising attempt to explain her consuming sexual longing to an aged rebbe (John Randolph) is funny, heartbreaking and riveting all at once - and she generally succeeds at leavening Sonia's cranky self-absorption with the infectious delight of dawning liberation.