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The main factors were fermentation time (6 h and 8 h) while the sub-factor were leavening agents (yeast, combination of baking powder and yeast, and neither yeast nor baking powder) and the sub-sub-factor was shelf-life (day 1 and day 2).
With Cal-Rise, we are able to offer an excellent solution for baked good producers to economically reduce sodium content without affecting the consumer's perception of taste," commented Birkin Weith, Business Manager of leavening products at Innophos.
The study, which was commissioned by Innophos, compared Cal-Rise and Cal-Rise blends with alternative leavening agents commonly used in tortilla applications.
While the mood of each figure stays grave and even pious, a vein of sensuous play runs unevenly through the group, leavening its austerity.
Caro sincerely catalogs the bad behavior, leavening it by dutifully inserting a couple of sympathetic male characters.
Its spring 2004 Alumni Newsletter confirms that it is an ideological extension of the University of Toronto, not a Catholic leavening of an atheistic loaf.
Thesman, the author of Calling the Swan, The Other Ones, and other YA novels, is skilled at creating suspense and leavening it with a bit of humor, too, as the forest beings squabble and in the guesthouse the cousins do, too--I was reminded a bit of E.
As a showcase for PNB's dancers, the work is outstanding, with new soloist Christophe Maraval conveying the leavening humor without burlesque, and Stacey Lowenberg, underused in her previous stint with Oregon Ballet Theatre, in a shining performance partnered by Jeffrey Stanton.
While the book covers ground familiar to readers of social welfare history, Odem does a masterful job of synthesizing recent scholarship and leavening it with her own insights.