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Leavens, partner in Leavens, Strand and Glover and general counsel of Pitchfork Media, has witnessed quite a few changes in entertainment law during his career.
The NEMA economic forecasting team of Don Leavens and Tim Gill took top honors from The Wall Street Journal for accuracy in 2011.
Then, Captain Anne Steed and Company Sergeant Major Steve Leavens ordered the cadets to fall in before welcoming 17 new members.
Now, David Schwabauer is assessing the damage to his 750-acre Leavens Ranch north of Moorpark, worried that he has lost up to 10,000 trees.
95) presents challenging scientific information in a particularly accessible way, and leavens its message with personal anecdotes from the former Vice President's life.
Then Jesus started telling them that the kingdom of God is like a woman who is so foolish that she tries to hide leaven, the yeast, in bread dough and subsequently leavens the whole batch of dough.
While I may not abandon Mark for the psalmist, if spending time in the psalmist's company leavens my Lenten preaching with a bit more uncertainty and my Easter preaching with a bit more joy, a "cupped ear" as I listen to the psalmist and an "open mouth" as I join the psalmist in speaking to God can only enrich my preaching and my--and my hearers'--pilgrimage through Lent and Easter.
Still, the choreography leavens the process with sudden ruptures in the pristine order.
The authors' enthusiasm leavens the sometimes-heavy academic writing, as do illustrations and photos of ritual practices and objects as well as discussions of altered consciousness and the cross-dressing priests of the Roman Empire.
While a child's mind may nimbly arrange and organize the ever-rotating multiplicity of characters in this novel, it's likely to have a mild hallucinogenic effect on adult readers, but Barker's storytelling skill leavens the disorientation through occasional grounding views of Chickentown and its citizens' reactions to Candy's disappearance.
By filtering his politics through Poltergeist, Sol'Sax both leavens his lead-pipe message and reminds us that the horrors we delight in when they crawl cobwebbed from some Hollywood basement have distinct historical roots.