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The authors' analysis uses March Current Population Survey data from 1999 through 2010 and a difference-in-differences approach to compare the leavetaking experiences of mothers with infants or young children before and after the PFL program was implemented in California with the leavetaking experiences of control groups alternately consisting of women with older children, childless women, men with noninfant children, or new mothers living in other states.
It evokes once again the beginning of the novel (and so imitates the repetition of the "Aria" at the end of Bach's Goldberg Variationen): the leavetaking between Goldberg and his friend Hammond on the former's arrival on Westfield's estate.
Bare and mute, freed of all image and illusion, architecture and landscape combine to form a sober, tranquil and utterly fitting place for the final leavetaking.
on tiptoe, her arms around the neck of a man whose appearance escapes me now, except that he was a little taller than she was, briefly affirming their relationship, that they would still be together, and she was wearing, if this is really what happened, her black raincoat and washed-out jeans, and had, but this I'm sure of, medium-length, reddish-brown hair, lovers, taking leave of each other, putting off their leavetaking even longer, a commonplace in airports, at train stations, before the open tailboard of ferries.
In "The Disquieting Muses," "On the Decline of Oracles, "Perseus," and "The Ghost's Leavetaking," Plath similarly transforms paintings into diatribes against her mother, for coercing her to seek feminine achievements and for being overly involved with her life, and against her dead father, for abandoning her.
At work, there may be a leavetaking or resignation.
As she works through death scenes of what seem to be the premodern, the modern, and the postmodern moment and between the human traces of an identifiable China and an unidentifiable world in a kind of narrative fluidity, the actress's version of what "she" remembers takes on the potent force of mourning, which is also a "carrying through,"(14) a sorting-out, a leavetaking, and almost a chain-breaking liberation.
The last two works' jubilation and poignant leavetaking, respectively, were admirably captured by baritone Thomas Hampson, whilst Ives' very wide range of experience and multiplicity were expertly conveyed in the various layers under Ades direction.
13) Because the first few entries are usually concerned with leavetaking and the long farewells that were common in those days, the beginnings of the diaries often read like conclusions.
The discussion is ordered chronologically and effectively pairs up the analyses of the novels to highlight contrasting treatments of his topic: The Barracks with The Dark, The Leavetaking with The Pornographer, and Amongst Women with That They Shall Face the Rising Sun.
McKay and Doucet's study of fathers' leavetaking showed that Ontario fathers were less likely to take leave than Quebec fathers, because in Qu6bec fathers have an individualized entitlement to well-compensated leave while Ontario fathers did not.
I first read The Leavetaking back in 1975 and to this day I am haunted by the imagery contained in John McGahern's superb novel.