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It provides information about employment status and leavetaking (for both men and women) during the week prior to the survey, referred to as the reference week.
In my Canadian migration, I had brought with me raw sensibilities that responded to the author of The Dark, the pariah of the mid-century Catholic culture, and the author of The Leavetaking, who understood why one might have to leave Ireland for one's spiritual and moral survival.
His reliance on scenic refrains is observable even before the publication of his third novel, The Leavetaking.
The most eloquent poem is her final song of leavetaking to the whole valley, which had acquired the semblance of an itemized map of her daily life in that place.
Shylock's gesture of rapprochement appears auspicious: Antonio agrees to the bond, telling Shylock "there is much kindness in the Jew" (2.1.149) and reiterates at the moneylender's leavetaking: "Hie thee, gentle Jew.
When he was about to drive to Charlottesville for his new post in 1976, he came in late summer with Charlotte and Leslie early one morning in a packed car to say goodbye to us, and what worried him in those final moments of our leavetaking was whether all three of them would be turned away by the hotel en route in which they had made reservations when their true identity became known.
Stephen Paulus: Songs of Love and Longing: "Endless Autumn Nights," "The One who Greets Me," "Dark Seed," "Echoes," "Moonless Nights," "The Bashful Moon," "From This World." Yehuda Yannay: Eros Reminisced: "Body Ballad," "Skin Memory," "Walking Yesterday," "Not Too Much Light." Henry Mollicone: Five Love Songs: "First Time He Kissed Me," "The Face of All the World," "Doctor Fell," "May's Love," "Song." Three Simple Songs: "There is Another Sky," "God Made a Little Gentian," "Poor Little Heart." John Downey: "Inclusions," "I Love." Richard Faith: "A Sailor's Song," "If I Were," "Serene Evening," "Leavetaking," "Spring." There is so much to admire about this collection, beginning with the courage of soprano Valerie Errante willingly to undertake such a fierce musical gauntlet.
The Leavetaking (1974; revised edition 1984) and The Pornographer (1979) are centred in the city (Dublin and London), but both turn for psychological depth and ethical orientation to remembered scenes set in the Roscommon countryside.
Ungifted, ungrieved, our leavetaking. The sun shines on unripe corn.
In his narration of the drama at the same time as he plays a part in it, together with his final, self-centered leavetaking from the domestic misery-cum-menage of his mother and sister for ocean going as well as artistic adventure, Tom Wingfield owns that distinction.
Revealing its origins in a novel unfinished by Nolot, Pays consists of three chapters: Jacques's arrival, up to his mother's death (and the shocking sequence of the washing and dressing of her corpse, which culminates in a reverse pieta); the funeral and various encounters and confrontations with family and villagers, in which secrets are revealed that overturn Jacques's grasp of his past; and, finally, Jacques's delayed leavetaking, including the sudden interjection of a remembered adolescent fantasy involving rugby players and bullfighters, locked in homoerotic rites, their tight pants revealing what French alliteratively elides as la queue et les couilles, otherwise known as cock and balls.