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Monklands MSPs Alex Neil and Fulton MacGregor noted that the number of pupils leaving school and taking up education, employment and training opportunities has risen more than four per cent in the past six years, from 87.
Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford said: "Being able to go on to a positive destination after leaving school - whether that is college, university, work or training - is a great boost for young people across the Stirling area, improving their self-confidence and setting them up to make positive contributions to our communities as adults.
Since leaving school in Malpas, Cheshire, at 16, Dylan has never had a lasting full-time job.
Our analysis is based on a much shorter duration between the measure of participation in sport and the measure of employment status, which is taken just two years after leaving school.
The company also needs people leaving school after A-levels for the six year higher apprenticeship.
Through working with schools we found a gap when children come to think about leaving school, when it comes to 16 or 17, there's very few choices of where they can go from there," said Paula.
She was home-schooled on film sets after leaving school so early.
Teachers and education scholars in Canada describe the life stories of 11 people in the western province of Alberta who left school before acquiring a high school completion certificate, emphasizing the part that both school and leaving school has played in their lives.
6 percentage point increase in the proportion leaving school to go to university.
The European Commission has adopted an action plan to help reduce the number of young people leaving school early.
Mr Anderson, who took an apprenticeship as a fitter after leaving school, said: "Events such as this are extremely important in ensuring our young people are fully informed about the many options available to them after leaving school.
Cardiff hairdresser Nik Petrakis, 23, has offered hope to struggling young people by speaking out about how he turned his prospects around through hard work after leaving school with no qualifications.