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Overall support from adults in school reduces the likelihood of young people leaving school by25 percent .
The company also needs people leaving school after A-levels for the six year higher apprenticeship.
6 percentage point increase in the proportion leaving school to go to university.
A CELEBRITY hairdresser is encouraging teenagers to consider leaving school at 16 years old.
Through working with schools we found a gap when children come to think about leaving school, when it comes to 16 or 17, there's very few choices of where they can go from there," said Paula.
The European Commission has adopted an action plan to help reduce the number of young people leaving school early.
Mr Anderson, who took an apprenticeship as a fitter after leaving school, said: "Events such as this are extremely important in ensuring our young people are fully informed about the many options available to them after leaving school.
Cardiff hairdresser Nik Petrakis, 23, has offered hope to struggling young people by speaking out about how he turned his prospects around through hard work after leaving school with no qualifications.
A man bullied so badly as a child he attempted suicide has picked up his second A-level - 19 years after leaving school early.
In an analysis of data from nationally representative, household-based surveys conducted in 2004 among male and female 12-19-year-olds in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda, researchers examined relationships between premarital sex and leaving school among respondents who had been attending school at age 12.
MORE Middlesbrough youngsters are leaving school to go into further education, training, or jobs.
Concord: New Hampshire college graduates are leaving school with the highest level of education-related debt in the country, according to the California-based Project on Student Debt.