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But the tension between him and Tosca that should be generated by his devious, lecherous character was taut but not dangerously threatening.
Scott moves back in with Viv and goes to collect his belongings from Connelton View, where he immediately makes lecherous advances to Jo.
Sinclair's lecherous son, Aurelia senses trouble and runs away, becoming the housemaid for the Ellicott family in Townsend, Massachusetts.
The heavy metallers are back and they certainly love the ladies - in a lecherous kind of way.
The Knight of Knights (1966), a particularly rich mix, pits a masked hero against a conclave of corrupt and lecherous monks (the sustained leering grin of the foremost lecher is something to see) who keep abducted women prisoner in their monastery while plotting to assassinate a magistrate by toppling his pagoda into the sea.
The part that makes our skin crawl is the fact that 62-year-old Dylan looks like a lecherous old perv ogling young girls through a peep-hole in the Victoria's Secret dressing room wall.
As most dangerous worldly vices come from and are connected to women, many dramas show lecherous women living in permanent fornication and thus sending men to Hell.
These sex scandals do not involve shocking exposes of illicit activities, of lecherous professors preying on innocent students or undergrads holding drunken orgies in dorms and fraternity houses.
Nevertheless, amid the mud and dung, her dignity and resolution rarely waver, and she becomes oddly nurturing and protective for the clownish bumpkins Cane portrays with affection, no matter how greedy and lecherous they might be.
Enablers, Scapegoats, and Lecherous Fathers: The Family's Role in "The Juniper Tree" and "Allerleirauh.
Tiresome arguments over a donkey lead to a lecherous neighbor's demand to marry Esmail's young sister.