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When you tell someone that your band's name is Lecherous Gaze, do they ever think you're saying, "Lecherous Gays?"
According to a report in Saturday's Shams newspaper, the man dressed in a woman's full abayya wasn't even suspected of being a lecherous peeping tom; he was so intoxicated that he lifted the veil himself, revealing to horrified ladies a full mustache above a drunken grin.
Summary: A new TV ad depicts a cartoon character called 'Salwa' hitting her lecherous boss with a red handbag.
Eastwood plays a former bank robber who enlists the aid of car-stealing drifter Bridges Leonard Rossiter, centre, as Rigsby Rising Damp BBC1, Today, 11.25pm Leonard Rossiter is in brilliant form as lecherous landlord Rigsby in this film version of the hit 1970s ITV sit-com.
I THINK your mum will be more hurt if she finds out you've been so upset and that her wonderful new fella is actually a lecherous, two-faced creep.
But instead of a mighty veteran adventurer magician, the best they can find is the lecherous, klutzy, and incompetent novice Louie!
Scott moves back in with Viv and goes to collect his belongings from Connelton View, where he immediately makes lecherous advances to Jo.
Sinclair's lecherous son, Aurelia senses trouble and runs away, becoming the housemaid for the Ellicott family in Townsend, Massachusetts.
The Knight of Knights (1966), a particularly rich mix, pits a masked hero against a conclave of corrupt and lecherous monks (the sustained leering grin of the foremost lecher is something to see) who keep abducted women prisoner in their monastery while plotting to assassinate a magistrate by toppling his pagoda into the sea.
The part that makes our skin crawl is the fact that 62-year-old Dylan looks like a lecherous old perv ogling young girls through a peep-hole in the Victoria's Secret dressing room wall.