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Another, a strip-club insert in Der Jahreslauf (which subsequently became part of Dienstag), in which appropriately "low-life" big band music concludes with a male voice (clearly the composer's) lecherously exulting "Splitternackt
Not only does Absalom demonstrate a feminine readiness to be seduced, but the crowd, which he (now playing the role of a man) in turn seduces, is lecherously interested in his overtures.
Those of us who grew up with National Geographic remember the titilation the magazine brought to young boys, who eargerly sought out the images of bare-breasted women and sniggered over them lecherously in libraries and schoolyards.
Lecherously pinch your boss's bottom or grab any part of somebody else's anatomy.
In song after song, the Cole Porter numbers are projected, chin upturned, across the footlights, leaving Royston Kean's Uncle Willie to scurry lecherously, and unamusingly, about the stage.
Boat had pulled up his sleeves to reveal a pock-marked crescent moon winking lecherously, lip curled up to reveal a mouthful of crescent moon-shaped teeth that also winked and smiled, showed more rows of grinning teeth, the leering moons getting smaller and smaller until they were too tiny to discern.