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Waldron, the famous popular lecturer, rose amid a general murmur of applause.
This brought the lecturer to the great ladder of animal life, beginning low down in molluscs and feeble sea creatures, then up rung by rung through reptiles and fishes, till at last we came to a kangaroo-rat, a creature which brought forth its young alive, the direct ancestor of all mammals, and presumably, therefore, of everyone in the audience.
Having thus, amid a general titter, played very prettily with his interrupter, the lecturer went back to his picture of the past, the drying of the seas, the emergence of the sand-bank, the sluggish, viscous life which lay upon their margins, the overcrowded lagoons, the tendency of the sea creatures to take refuge upon the mud-flats, the abundance of food awaiting them, their consequent enormous growth.
The lecturer was a clergyman, and his audience must be also his flock, for they held prayer-books as well as guide-books in their hands.
Soon the lecturer could be heard in the next chapel, describing the life of St.
What answer had your lecturer in Moscow to make to the question why he was forging notes?
The lecturer unlocked the outer door and ushered us into his room.
I shall ask our Physiological Lecturer why he never gave us that exquisite Theory
He began to explain the machine with the manner and tone of a lecturer at a scientific institution.
Before Esmond was written Thackeray had added the profession of lecturer to that of author.
The lecturer held up the tightly clenched right hand.
The Athlete, the Lecturer, the Scientific Discoverer was a laughable, lovable, healthy young human thing.