led astray

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If children are supposed to be in school, and are not, then we are worried it leaves them vulnerable to crime, vulnerable to being led astray and vulnerable to being led into situations they have no control over.
But people could be led astray without the auth-ority and experience of the Church to guide them.
I must admit that choreographers may sometimes be led astray in imagining that tales from Shakespeare have more currency than they in fact have.
But we, our bosses and our consultants were led astray by all the years of attitude surveys where the main concern was: "How do we compare with other companies?
We are easily led astray by spurious patterns, which do not continue as the numbers get larger.
Advertisers are not blindly being led astray by the illusion that trillions of dollars of purchases will someday flow through Web-accessible portable communication devices.
Yet common sense suggests that no one would invest such large sums of money in tiny plots of fields unless they'd been led astray.
IN reply to AW of Gosforth's response (January 21) to my plea for candidature to be based on ability and integrity and not commitment to political dogma, he seems to me slightly led astray by the latter.
Howie''s prudish disapproval of these neopagan worshippers turns to outrage - not least when he is almost led astray by the pub landlord''s wild child daughter (a superbly pouty Britt Ekland) and given an audience with the mysterious Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee).
AN EDUCATION (12A, 100 mins) A CLASSY coming-of-age romance as '60s British schoolgirl Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is led astray by a handsome older stranger.
It is unfortunate that you now have a conviction but I am satisfied that you were led astray by these two girls.
Describing both schemes as "sub-standard", CPRE regional policy officer Gerald Kells said: "To begin with, CPRE supported the eco-towns initiative, exemplary schemes built to high environmental standards which provide the affordable homes the nation desperately needs "But we have been led astray.