led astray

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We should presume too much on our own strength, and, like others, perhaps, be led astray by our blind confidence in each other's prudence.
Then, through the winter, must I seek the dwellings of the poor and suffering, comfort the sick and lonely, and give hope and courage to those who in their poverty are led astray.
Their leaders were men who had sported so long with life, that when Thought and Wisdom came, even these unwelcome guests were led astray by the crowd of vanities which they should have put to flight.
But how came it, Alleyne, that this woman, to whom all things are as crystal, and who hath not said one word which has not come to pass, was yet so led astray as to say that your thoughts turned to Twynham Castle even more than my own?
But I am forgetting the continuity of my narrative--a continuity which I desire to maintain, though I fear that I shall often be led astray, so numerous and varied are the bypaths of speculation which lead from the present day story of the Grabritins into the mysterious past of their forbears.
Here Adeimantus interposed and said: To these statements, Socrates, no one can offer a reply; but when you talk in this way, a strange feeling passes over the minds of your hearers: They fancy that they are led astray a little at each step in the argument, owing to their own want of skill in asking and answering questions; these littles accumulate, and at the end of the discussion they are found to have sustained a mighty overthrow and all their former notions appear to be turned upside down.
Now, my dear Tuppy, don't be led astray into the paths of virtue.
Not only does he have to cope with being a pin-up for every schoolboy and girl in the land; not only does he have to worry about not being led astray by those who would seek to corrupt him.
The boy's mother said: "He's always gets led astray by older boys.
At first, I was in denial and thought he had been led astray by his friends, but I've come to realise that he has a mind of his own and only he can be responsible for his actions.
Temptation Island aims to test the strength of the couples' relationships and see whether they are led astray by members of the opposite sex.
She went into modelling when she was very young and it is easy to be led astray.