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On the second round, the stranger led off and landed cleverly within the small garland at the top of the wand; but Robin shot far better and clave the wand itself, clean at the middle.
The procession was led off by two venerable-looking savages, each provided with a spear, from the end of which streamed a pennon of milk-white tappa.
In another second Good had wrung us both by the hand and gone; and then Infadoos came up and led off Sir Henry to his place in the forefront of the Greys, whilst, with many misgivings, I departed with Ignosi to my station in the second attacking regiment.
The only other time the Emeralds had someone reach base was when Cruz led off the eighth by reaching on an error.
Boston leveled the score with two runs in the second inning but George Kottaras led off the third inning with Milwaukee s third solo home run off Lester to regain the lead before Ryan Braun scored on an RBI single by Casey McGehee.
That was because Alfonso Soriano led off the third inning with a single to center field.
Bocachica led off the sixth with a drive off Masato Nishikawa (0-1) over the left-center wall at Kyocera Dome.
Reid Engel led off the inning with a home run to right field.
The images on TV and the accounts in the newspapers are horrible: a woman hanging from a tree limb, thousands of refugees streaming away from their captured "safe havens," and thousands of Muslims being led off to unknown fates.