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That might explain why I saw a higher proportion of whitetail bucks than does on the lee side of that Missouri ridge when the wind was blowing.
Climbing down at midmorning, I started back to the cabin, walking down the lee side of the ridge.
Wondering about the impact of winds in warm weather, I began to still-hunt along the lee side of the ridge, paralleling the top but remaining 50 to 100 yards below the crest.
The deer were there, using that same ridge, but they had moved down to the lee side to escape the roar and rattling leaves caused by the warm winds.
30 Ton Tetra Pods For The Maintenance Of Lee Side Of The Break Water At Campbell Bay.
SIMON JONES: Lee Sides imagine that for a job TOM FRANCIS: Kate Medland this is my future job EMA LOU MEINIR JONES: Career change that will keep you fit RE PRIMARK OPENS BROUGHTON SHOPPING PARK STORE TODAY.
However, in some areas--such as the lee sides of homes, where turbulence might have mixed cool air into the cloud more effectively--temperatures rose to only 180[degrees]C or so.