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How long have I investigated this one thing, the brain of the leech, so that here the slippery truth might no longer slip from me
I was dripping wet, and even the sail was wet half-way up the after leech.
Thus it happened that when Robin came to her and told her how he wished her services as leech, she began plotting ill against him in her mind, thinking that by doing evil to him she might find favor with his enemies.
The medicinal leech has been the physician's ally since the year 900 CE.
As Leech explains, all foods have different effects on your body, include hunger and hormones.
Summary: In Russia, a medicinal leech costs less than $1, and a typical application requires three to seven of the ravenous little creatures
In a quarterly webcast on the state of global fixed income markets, Western Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Ken Leech said that, without wanting to be "too optimistic," "the backdrop in terms of growth continues to be supportive.
At last Science News is able--thanks to novelist Amy Tan--to answer a nagging question: When someone names a slime-mold beetle or a leech after you and you say you're honored--really?
Vehicle enthusiast Robert Leech, 46, was the victim of a freak accident involving his black Land Rover Discovery 3, which dragged him down his sloping drive after he accidentally disengaged its braking system.
OT is sad to report the death of optometrist Roger Leech, senior partner of F.
Father-of-two Michael Leech, who was also described as ex British Army special forces, died at the scene in Juba, where he was working for a security company.
Downton Abbey'' star Allen Leech has a winning way with accents.