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To give or dispose of by will. Willful departure with intent to remain away. Permission or authorization to do something.

Leave of court is permission from the judge to take some action in a lawsuit that requires an absence or delay. An attorney might request a leave of court in order to file an amended Pleading, a formal declaration of a claim, or a defense.



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He was also left cold and wet tied to some branches.
Irate fans were left cold and bemused but, speaking from the Bears' recently renamed Media Prima Arena yesterday, Havelock stressed: "I feel for all the fans, especially those who travelled over from Workington.
She has poor circulation and was left cold, which is not acceptable.
One of the biggest movers of the day was Centrica, which slumped 3.8% to 303.5p as investors were left cold by a statement from the management revealing 2011 earnings will grow at a more reserved rate than expected.
Anyone who has so far been left cold by Merchant Ivory's period dramas is unlikely to be converted by The Remains of the Day, which, owing to the repressed nature of the characters, is even more short on action than their usual offerings.
When I think about when I was happiest in my work, I think of then: my husband was in it, and I'd just left Cold Feet, we filmed it in Bristol, and all of us had this rather magical time.
Nearly half are put off by bad spelling and grammar and most are left cold by lewd texts.
With Iberdrola shares also part of the deal, ScottishPower investors were left cold and shares fell 6p to 740p, below the 777p offered.
Arsenal's bid for a third straight Champions League Group G victory was left cold in a freezing Moscow as they went down 1-0 to CSKA at the Lokomotiv Stadium.
A COVENTRY man is angry that his elderly mum was left cold and confused after contractors arrived on spec to change the windows at her Warwick council house.
And the giant forward jumped up for the header while United's defence were left cold.
Evelyn Davey, 89, was left cold and in pain on the pavement after she slipped and fell outside the front door of a social club on Prescot Road, Ormesby.