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The team now want to focus further studies on individuals who undergo left gastric artery embolization specifically to treat obesity.
The researchers studied CT scans of 16 obese patients who had undergone left gastric artery embolisation to treat gastrointestinal bleeding.
Contrast-enhanced CT revealed a 3x2 cm aneurysm with a mural thrombus in the left gastric artery located in the minor gastric curvature medial segment, which was in the hiatal hernia pouch (Figure 2).
The accessory left gastric artery branched from the proximal third of the splenic artery.
We found that the Left gastric artery originated from the abdominal aorta rather than from the coeliac trunk in 2% of our cadavers.
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In gastric artery embolisation, an interventional radiologist threads a catheter up (or down, depending on her entry point) to the left gastric artery and deposits a slew of tiny beads to reduce the flow of blood to the gastric fundus, the upper part of the stomach.
Characteristics Results Technical success 112 (98%) Site Upper GI hemorrhage 47 (41%) Lower GI hemorrhage 67 (59%) Embolization Proximal (selective) 21 (19%) Distal (superselective) 91 (81%) Arteries embolized Gastroduodenal artery 36 (32%) Ileocolic artery 28 (25%) Right colic artery 12 (11%) Jejunal branches of SMA 10 (8.9%) Left gastric artery 09 (8.0%) Superior rectal artery 07 (6.2%) Ileal branches of SMA 05 (4.4%) Left colic artery 04 (3.6%) Middle colic artery 01 (0.9%) Embolization material Microcoils 69 (62%) PVA particles 33 (29%) PVA with microcoils 09 (8.0%) Gel foam 01 (0.9%)
After ligating left gastric artery, Kochers clamp was applied and duodenum was divided distal to it.
Urgent angiography of the left gastric artery revealed extravasation of contrast material from the gastric body (Figure 1).
Distal gastric was resected following the connection between the right of the first descending branch of left gastric artery and the left of the first vertical branch of big gastroepiploic left artery.