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Young people who left school without graduating experiencedtwice as many adverse life experiences as youth who graduated on time.
Ray Reddick, 67, who left school at 15, began his economics course with the Open University in 1980.
Welsh children should leave school fluent in Welsh IT would be amazin if every child left school fluent in English for a start.
Mike Pinder, 65, began cutting hair as soon as he left school before setting off on a career that saw him win national awards and set up one of Norton's best-known businesses.
And Philip Barnwell, 37, is said to have got her pregnant after she left school.
The Twilight star, who left school at 13 to pursue her acting career, has enrolled at the prestigious University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to study English literature.
PARIS, Sha'ban 17, 1434, Jun 26, 2013, SPA -- Well-educated people are faring better in these tough economic times than those who left school without a good education, UPI quoted a think tank as concluding.
Teachers and education scholars in Canada describe the life stories of 11 people in the western province of Alberta who left school before acquiring a high school completion certificate, emphasizing the part that both school and leaving school has played in their lives.
HE left school without being able to read or write.
Ross Maidment, 21, always wanted to go to university but left school after his GCSEs to work in a call centre and lacked the qualifications to apply.
But the research, based on an analysis of adults who left school in the 40s, says that extra tuition fails to make people happier.