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Left-to-right shunt lesions can cause heart failure symptoms in newborns.
A left-to-right shunt is also more common among migraine-with-aura patients.
Coexistent mitral valve disease with left-to-right shunt at the atrial level: clinical profile, hemodynamics, and surgical considerations in 67 consecutive patients.
In particular, increased pulmonary flow and increased pulmonary artery pressure in patients with PAA due to the left-to-right shunt raise the risk of rupture.
Ventricular septal defect is an acyanotic congenital heart disease, characterized by a left-to-right shunt.
Coronary fistula closure is indicated in symptomatic patients especially with heart failure or myocardial ischemia, and in asymptomatic patients with large or increasing left-to-right shunt.
In contrast, with a Blalock-Taussig shunt (end-to-side anastomosis of a subclavian artery to the ipsilateral pulmonary artery) the size of the anastomosis and left-to-right shunt is limited by the size of the subclavian artery, and Eisenmenger's reaction virtually never occurs.
The pulmonary veins make an abnormal connection to the right atrium, with coronary sinus or systemic veins resulting physiologically in an extracardiac left-to-right shunt.
A left-to-right shunt without a jet was classified as a trivial RS, with a jet of <2 mm in diameter as a small shunt and with a jet diameter of >2 mm as a large shunt.