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There are times when he asks his staff to keep his leftover in a "doggie bag" or Tupperware so he could eat it again the next day.
Entering the Southern Living Cook-Off provides a distraction from her new life, and she realizes that leftovers make great meals, too.
Roughly chop and slice all the elements of your leftover roast.
You can throw in any leftover vegetables into this recipe - perfect for a lazy, no-fuss meal.
If you make a new meal such as curry or casserole from the leftovers, then you can also freeze this, even if you are using turkey that was originally frozen.
PaintCare makes recycling leftover paint easy and convenient through a network of more than 1,500 paint drop-off locations in the seven states that include paint retailers, household hazardous waste facilities, and other partners.
collects untouched leftovers and distributes it to labour camps, told 7DAYS.
However you decide to give new life to your protein-packed leftovers, here is a tip: It's always easier to remove the meat from the turkey bones the same day it's roasted.
If by chance you have over-estimated your Christmas or New Year's dinner and up until now you have that "throwback" or "dejavu" meals, it is time to get creative and make something delicious from these leftovers - here are a few simple ideas to make sure all that good food won't go to waste.
We have a dedicated team of five paid staff who with the help of volunteers collect, transport and distribute the leftovers.
The vast majority of recruits eat the food and leftovers are few," Varnavas said.