legal adversary

See: litigant
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For small businesses and startups operating on thin margins, such hefty costs can drive them into bankruptcy, and having a foreign government as your legal adversary does not inspire confidence.
Blessing the engagement of such ex parte communications would also render inoperative the South Dakota Supreme Court's previous, strong admonitions to medical personnel against engaging in unmonitored conferences with a patient's legal adversary. (70)
'[W]e find it difficult to believe that a physician can engage in an ex parte conference with the legal adversary of his patient without endangering the trust and faith invested in him by his patient.'" The presence of plaintiff's counsel as the protector of a patient's confidences will allay the fear that irrelevant confidential material will be disclosed and preserve the fiduciary trust relationship between physician and patient.
As a solution to such a dilemma, this article suggests that where a physician or medical provider consults with an attorney with whom a patient's confidential medical information is shared, that same attorney may not then also be retained to represent the patient's legal adversary in a civil claim involving that same situation.
Seguin." (99) In other words, the attorney's prior exposure to confidential communications with a non-party treating physician, even though conducted under the guise of attorney-client communications, resulted in a violation of the applicable physician-patient privilege when that attorney subsequently represented the patient's legal adversary. (100)
Those statutes should not be construed to authorize an attorney who receives a patient's privileged medical information from a medical provider pursuant to such proceedings to subsequently represent that patient's legal adversary regarding the same situation.
What we conveniently forget is that the legal adversary system is inherently flawed to deal with children in the difficult situation of ending relationships.
The higher education system in Tennessee, once Geier's legal adversary, will now become her employer.
Her legal adversary (Yul Vazquez) is an unctuous toe-sucker whose ulterior motive is to win legal passage to heaven by flattering anyone and everyone in a position of power.
The first of six volumes in Thomson's new Business Research Solutions Series, the 304-page hardcover manual outlines techniques for excavating an array of rated online databases for data on a specific company, whether for due diligence or for sizing up a potential partner, customer, competitor, or legal adversary. The book provides tips for defining the parameters and costs of the search, deciding how the information will be used and by whom, and applying professional methodologies toward mining and interpreting results.
When Ally discovered her latest legal adversary was a nine- year-old child genius, she was torn between her maternal and killer instincts.
Once the complex of Miranda rights becomes a device to make all police questioning into a legal adversary proceeding, there is no logical stopping point.