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As a former legal advocate who for 17 years specialised in medical negligence, Gillian was involved in the late stages of Scotland's own Penrose Inquiry into the scandal which began in 2008 - 11 years before the current national review - and lasted until 2015.
She keeps asking, 'Why is it so dark?'" the legal advocate said.
After earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan, Deena Hausner got a job as a legal advocate at a domestic violence organization.
At the moment, a campaign is underway by Dr Christiana Cleridou, Legal Advocate, Gender Law Expert and OWAAT volunteer, to raise greater public awareness in Cyprus about the Istanbul Convention, especially within the Cyprus Bar Association for her own legal professional community, for judges and court administrators, state officials such as staff of the social welfare services and shelter staff, and as a mentor for young lawyers students-OWAAT volunteers who attend Cyprus law schools and universities.
I have the most experience and qualifications as a sitting judge who has previously been a prosecutor, defense attorney, child representative, municipal and county attorney, and legal advocate for families and individuals going through some of the worst times of their lives.
Veteran children's legal advocate Howard Talenfeld urged the committee to go a step further and study a way to protect children from being deposed in civil cases.
Synopsis: As a young legal advocate, Ginger Lerner-Wren bore witness to the consequences of an underdeveloped mental health care infrastructure.
As a lawyer and legal advocate working with Addameer, Hamouri continues to campaign daily for rights and freedom for Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian people, said an Addameer press release.
She had hoped to become a legal advocate before she would have turned 30. Kerry Smith, a 35-year-old legal assistant, ( told the Independent in 2016, how concerned the model was about her future.
Human Rights Watch documented several instances over the past year in which the detainees were denied access to lawyers during investigations or were forced to change their legal advocate under pressure by Judiciary officials.
As a legal advocate, he had the required income, and he was buying at a time when art prices had crashed in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars.
Former RAF group captain Andrew Ades - acting as legal advocate for some of the veterans - said: "This is our last go at it because it's got to the point where we're having to spend money ourselves.