legal approval

See: affirmance
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But after hearing the Welsh Assembly has been given legal approval for its disgusting badger cull I felt I had to express my stomach churning horror at what is to go on in our name.
But legal approval will not be sought until after a separate consultation covering plans for two northern branches of the lines - one to Manchester and the other to Leeds - has been concluded some time after 2012.
In another, Efrat, a park and a synagogue were built on privateland, and in a third, Ariel, a college was built without legal approval.
It failed to understand Moscow's reservations about going to war against Serbia without the necessary legal approval from the UN Security Council.
The fish pass, built in 1994, has only provisional legal approval, because of the high number of companies and organisations that have owned the barrage.
AT THE HOUSEWARES SHOW-It's official: Groupe SEB has received legal approval from European regulatory agencies to take over Moulinex and its key subsidiary, Krups North America.
Croatia Zagreb have agreed to sell the striker in a four-year worth pounds 4million and he is waiting for legal approval before moving to Glasgow.
For the first time, however, evidence suggests that merely witnessing violence -- even if the act has legal approval and observers prepare for it in advance -- provokes at least short-lived dissociation and anxiety.
The settlement agreement puts the burden of obtaining legal approval for ATC squarely on the plaintiff's lawyers, not on Costco.
BTA Bank receives legal approval to start restructuring process (page 2).
So, a shambolic so-called debate, about a topic which is damaging the lives of thousands of the county's residents, on a motion that after legal approval was simply asking for an urgent review into these matters, ended with communities being left to wait for the Local Development Framework.
As per details, lease holders have been using their domestic-lease-houses for the commercial purposes like opening academies, beauty parlours and several other institutions without any legal approval.

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