legal assertion

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Du30 lured Marcos burial protesters to the Supreme Court (file a case, he said), and now by dint of an AFP regulation, a Supreme Court ruling and permanent burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani, there is ampler legal assertion that Ferdinand E.
King-Ansell and its destiny as the post-Mandla source of the unexamined basis for the legal assertion that Jews constitute for English law an ethnic group underline the ways in which apparently fixed legal categories are in fact socially, historically, and temporally constructed within the judicial realm.
The result is that the physical trauma Kristi Fries suffered, and the legal assertion Mavrick knowingly let her operate an unsafe machine, may strike a blow against the workers' compensation system.
For example, the Appeals Officer may ask for clarification of a factual description or legal assertion in the file without involving the taxpayer/representative.
Dubious legal assertions aside, how does trying to repudiate previous debt issued and approved by the duly authorized Puerto Rico government help to restore its capital markets access?
Giving evidence, Judge Wildblood, who was due to oversee the confiscation order relating to the drugs produced by Moss, told the court Evans had made a series of legal assertions which were "wrong in an elementary way".
"The administration withdrew the memo in 2004, and has since retreated from some of its most extreme legal assertions," Koh said.
First, to maintain the high standard of writing that IFR generally provides, any legal assertions should be rigorously validated with competent counsel before publication.
The House filed papers yesterday that contested the White House's legal assertions but did not make any expansive arguments.
Reno disagreed, and outside the Thompson committee hearing room Lyn Utrecht, general counsel for the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign, dished out legal assertions challenging Thompson and Common Cause, citing Federal Election Commission advisory opinions and court decisions.

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