legal authorization

See: affirmance
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There is no legal authorization for the United States to be part of a war inside Yemen, and Congress cannot continue to be silent.
There is no legal authorization for further US military action or occupation on the territory of Syria.
25, weeks after she originally received legal authorization from a Texas judge to do so.
That family had legal authorization to stay in the country.
I can't build an access technology that only works with proper legal authorization, or only for people with a particular citizenship or the proper morality.
Legal authorization is also necessary to discuss and decide upon healthcare matters.
The inquiry revealed that the account is fake and that its owners are operating without any legal authorization.
She overstayed in the United States and worked without legal authorization.
Bosnia and Herzegovina had been designated as a beneficiary country under the United States Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program; however, legal authorization for the GSP program has expired.
The Board stressed that just because a medical assistant may be "competent" to perform a task does not confer the legal authorization to engage in an activity that is restricted to licensed persons.
Specifically, the Cyber Crimes Law prohibits the use of information technology devices to invade the privacy of others by recording audio/visual materials and saving/publishing photographs without legal authorization.
As this war staggers forward, it's imperative that Congress approve a legal authorization for the conflict.

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