legal authorization

See: affirmance
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The Board stressed that just because a medical assistant may be "competent" to perform a task does not confer the legal authorization to engage in an activity that is restricted to licensed persons.
As this war staggers forward, it's imperative that Congress approve a legal authorization for the conflict.
Grant of public service contracts, including the passenger transport line legal authorization from the
Rohani explained: "Police may only enter into a place where they have legal authorization and where they have a clear and transparent warrant.
5 hectars of land as well as legal authorization to use it.
Newman emphasized that the Obama administration pushed the limits of the legal protections it claims for its arguments by publicly discussing the drone killings, boasting legal authorization for its actions, but then refusing to say anything further.
The concerned persons are currently informing the owners of such centers of the terms and conditions required as a prelude to granting them legal authorization.
In the 20 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect, millions of Mexicans have been pushed by NAFTA to make the dangerous journey across the border into the United States, many without legal authorization.
We will publish updated information for the United States as soon as we obtain legal authorization to do so.
What matters at present the most is a legal authorization by the International Court of Arbitration to India to get through the diversion of rivers gushing into Pakistan's territory.
If the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) wanted to extend its mandate in Afghanistan, he added, it should acquire a new legal authorization from the UN Security Council (UNSC).
To refute his claims, the defendants sought legal authorization to access Gatto's Facebook account, which they believed would contain evidence showing that Gatto's ability to work and socialize had not been as severely curtailed as he claimed.

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