legal battle

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But more than two years after his death, the 38-year-old's family are locked in a legal battle with his partner, Rachel Douglas, above.
Hyundai Heavy, which was involved in the legal battle with Ipic for more than two years to take control of the stake, will now own 91.
Berlusconi lost the seven-year legal battle yesterday, and will now have to pay the magazine's legal costs in the marathon court case.
The couple, who cannot be named, began their marathon legal battle after being refused permission to adopt the girl who was then five and had been "treated as a child of the family since her birth".
UKSA has raised pounds 60,000 so far from its shareholders to take the legal battle to the Government, but said it needed at least pounds 100,000.
95) by Joy Horowitz examines the legal battle over the oil wells and power plant next to Beverly Hills High School.
Today's verdict will mark the end of a lengthy legal battle for Ms Evans, 34.
Following the 11th Circuit action, the ACLU of Georgia reached out to Americans United for help with the legal battle.
Darlington have confirmed their legal battle with former manager David Hodgson has ended after reaching a "mutual" conclusion.
He is in a legal battle with Crystal palace and is also is locked in a fight with Charlton to get a pay-off.
Real estate entrepreneur, Tamir Sapir, recently won an unprecedented judgment in excess of $28 million from Russia's highest judicial court after a long and arduous legal battle.
May, an Anglican, was executive director of the Sierra Club for 17 years; she became active in the environmental movement in the 1970s when she led the legal battle to put an end to insecticide spraying near her Cape Breton home.