legal cap

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Legal Cap

Long stationery with a wide left-hand margin and a narrow right-hand margin, used by attorneys.

The trend of the courts is to move away from permitting a document of this size to be filed. Courts presently recommend or require the use of standard size paper.

legal cap

(US) ruled yellow writing paper, about 8 by 13.5 inches with the fold at the top, for use by lawyers.
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THE missing element of the Queen's announcement of a Consumer Credit Bill is a legal cap on interest rates.
However, the fund balance drawdown in fiscal 2011 consisted of large one-time transfers out for capital intended to lower the fund balance below the 18% legal cap set by the state.
However, negotiations over spending cuts and raising the legal cap on government's borrowing are yet to be concluded.
The ILCU recently called on the Government to put a legal cap on the interest rates charged by moneylenders in Ireland.
On unaccepted streets, however, there is no legal cap.
He signed California up as the first state in the US to introduce a legal cap on greenhouse gas emissions.
However, the School Teachers Review Body, which is responsible for advising ministers on pay and conditions, rejected union demands for a legal cap of 35 hours and a limit on the time they have to spend in the classroom.
But it rejects union demands for a legal cap of 35 hours and a limit on the time they have to spend in the classroom.
This $95 million total puts California near the legal cap of $100 million in emergency funds for which it is eligible.
RELATIVELY HIGH TAX RATE: Although the city maintains an ample cushion to increase rates under the limited legal cap, relative to other Texas cities, Burleson's tax rates remain above average.
The rates, which fall between two separate legal cap rates for consumer loans, were effectively invalidated by a Supreme Court ruling in January last year.
Conversely, a person unjustly dismissed has a legal cap on the amount recoverable.