legal cap

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Legal Cap

Long stationery with a wide left-hand margin and a narrow right-hand margin, used by attorneys.

The trend of the courts is to move away from permitting a document of this size to be filed. Courts presently recommend or require the use of standard size paper.

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legal cap

(US) ruled yellow writing paper, about 8 by 13.5 inches with the fold at the top, for use by lawyers.
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But Labour councillor Dan Howells also asks why it took the government so long to finally announce a legal cap on the overall cost of payday loans.
We need a legal cap on lenders and the level of interest they are allowed to charge.
not one sample showed aflatoxin concentrations exceeding the legal cap of 0.05 micrograms per kilogram," the agency's director Dejan Runtevski told.
Around 3 p.m., real-time wholesale electric prices - meaning the amount that generators are paid on the spot market to produce power - shot up to $3,000 per megawatt-hour, their legal cap. Earlier in the day they were about one-10th of that amount; they also came down sharply after 3 p.m., as the grid operator appeared to get things under control.
In other developments on Wednesday, the White House asked congress to raise the limits on BP's liability to cover damage from the spill beyond the current $75m legal cap.
Shotguns are the only firearms allowed for dove hunting and the legal cap of 10-gauge is a lot more than you'll need.
Wistron even managed to cut the discount rate for its GDRs to only 2%, compared with typical 10% for GDRs issued by tech firms in the past or maximum legal cap of 20%, giving the market sentiment a strong boost.
The legal cap of 3 percent ethanol concentration in gasoline is stricter than in Brazil and the U.S.
In fact, many low-level offenders are so familiar with the jail release system that they use correct jail jargon to inquire about being "CBR'd," the jail staff slang for the "capacity-based release" decisions that are required when the jail population exceeds its legal cap, Marshall said.
Legal cap on interest rates effective way of aiding poor
It will reduce the current legal cap on non-economic damages from $400,000 to $250,000, create a cap on the amount of punitive damages that juries can award, and raise the standard of proof required to impose punitive damages.
If he were to double it, it would increase the clamour from some Labour MPs, as well as from Liberal Democrats, for a legal cap on individual donations to parties.