legal chicanery

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They are calling in some legal chicanery, and upon that ground they are threatening to turn us out of the house
In the whole vast area of property matters hardly a single whisper of legal chicanery can be heard.
Despite much legal chicanery across many years and in many territories, the real people at the heart of this story and the precious Amazon environment that was so badly impacted by what was an astounding level of pollution are both still neglected.
Social media eventually helped bring the underlying story (alleged toxic waste dumping) to light, but the power of such legal chicanery was plain to see.
All the legal chicanery in the world has come to nothing for Mitchell, who must serve every day of his 20 year jail sentence.
So desperate were Channel 4 they attempted by legal chicanery to prevent the complaint going forward.
Stripped of the legal chicanery supporting its creation, the Zionist project is a declaration of war by a powerful segment of Western Jews, with support from Western powers, against the Arabs.
Land acquisition by the white invaders was done through war, broken treaties and legal chicanery.
The red tape, delaying tactics and legal chicanery placed in Gavin Jones' path is like something out a bad dream.
appearance is a blatant and duplicitous publicity stunt that conveniently sidesteps the millions of dollars they've poured into ads, lobbyists and other political and legal chicanery to preserve the casino monopoly that has made them rich.
It is legal chicanery,'' said Shimon Samuels, European director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.