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Brame is a top official of American Vision (AV), an Atlanta-based group that seeks to replace America's secular democracy with a "Christian" regime based on "biblical law" including enforcement of the harsh legal code of the Old Testament.
6] These studies have urged us to look beyond the prescriptive limits of legal codes to see that women, in practice, did sometimes administer considerable property interests as testators, heirs, and patrons.
One important subject on the agenda at Laeken was a proposal to put enforcement teeth into the EU's legal code by authorizing the issuance of union-wide arrest warrants.
Federally funded religious discrimination is alien to every other statute in our legal code, but again, because it is consistent with his religious beliefs it does not trouble the would-be attorney general.
Biblical law," they say, must govern every aspect of our lives, with dissenters facing the harshest prescriptions of the Old Testament legal code.
law be based on their interpretation of the harsh legal code of the Old Testament.
law to be based on the legal code of the Old Testament.
Clandestine marriage, then, allowed for a "fudge factor" otherwise impossible under a legal code which had no provision for divorce.
Reconstructionism, the most extreme manifestation of the Religious Right, advocates theocracy with a government based on a literal reading of the Bible, including the harsh legal code of the Old Testament.
In particular, he describes how sharia and a secular legal code can support each other.
discusses the American legal tradition and its application to an Apache culture that lived by a very different social and legal code.