legal command

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The imperative and blessing to procreate (Genesis 1:28, 9:1 and 9:7) has also been subject to much debate, and has been taken as using the voice of a legal command or of a blessing in the course of the narrative.
specification of the content of a legal command ex ante, before parties
Its next sense is a "judicial or legal command from a superior to an inferior," and there are a number of variations on this sense of the term, all involving a powerful agency stipulating the action or conduct of a subordinate entity.
He has created a network of military and security forces that report directly to him, often outside the legal command structure.
Unlike a legal command, such as "black people must sit at the back of the bus," a law which removes statutory protection cannot itself be violated.
This hierarchy lacks the legal command authority exercised over military personnel in 1A.
The Court concluded that the individual mandate is not a legal command to buy insurance, but rather a tax on the choice to forgo buying insurance.
The Obama administration and congressional PPACA supporters have avoided calling the penalty to be imposed on taxpayers who fail to meet individual health insurance ownership requirements a tax, but, under one Obama administration theory, "the mandate is not a legal command to buy insurance," Roberts says.
extent to which a given aspect of a legal command should be resolved in
1) Captain Anthony John, Army Reserve Legal Command Conducts Military Justice and Trial Advocacy Training Conference for Legal Administrators, ARMY RESERVE (Apr.
Advani's bloodied rath yatra -- the Sangh Parivar has termed it a legal command to the Muslims to hand over the land's title to the Hindus.