legal competence

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But in a judgement read out in the Supreme Court yesterday, senior judges concluded the Bill falls within the legal competence of the Welsh Assembly.
The Premier lauded the GCC states' legal competence in the arbitration field, emphasising the need for co-operation, as part of steps to activate the GCC Union initiative launched by Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
She refuted notions suggested by one reporter who asked if "the delay is due more to a lack of legal competence or the lack of a coherent policy?
At the heart of the Welsh Government's about-turn is the issue of legal competence.
The wisdom behind the Rules framed by the Commission is that the Chief Justice of Pakistan or the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court is the best person to practically/technically evaluate a person's caliber to be nominated as a Judge, including his legal competence and integrity," he added.
In this respect allowing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) to lend directly to financial institutions is an option to be considered, conditionally upon the ESM having the necessary legal competence to impose strict conditions and the necessary means to do oversight.
Following the submission, the ruling Congress-led UDF in Kerala found itself in a bind as it contradicted the stand of the government headed by Chandy which held that India has every legal competence to try the case under its law.
The bishops said the government's foray into church governance "where government has no legal competence or authority" is beyond disturbing.
In order to play that role, the formal legal competence of the SNB in the area of prevention needs to be enhanced carefully.
Those wishing to be registered must be Kuwaiti or Gulf Cooperation Council nationals, aged 21 and older upon applying, with full legal competence, and with no past breach of law in their record.