legal competence

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Joshua Yusuf Musa (SAN), challenged the legal competence of the charge sheet, which he said was bereft of the requisite seal.
They would fundamentally challenge the constitutional balance of powers between Parliament and government and would represent a significant and unacceptable transfer of legal competence.
This contract is within the legal competence of ONDRAF (Article 2, 2, 1 , and 4 of the Royal Decree of 30.
In a letter to the European Commission, the ECB has asked for 'a clear legal competence in the area of central clearing.
They are subject to strict submissions and judging criteria and celebrate demonstrated legal competence and achievement.
Questions have been raised about the legal competence of military officers involved in these trials either as prosecutors or even presiding officers.
Pakistan has thus 'lost' cases before the neutral experts who, according to legal experts, never had the legal competence to decide issues on merit.
A British government spokesman said it "changed nothing," while Sweden questioned the UN's legal competence when it comes to "issues related to fugitives' self-confinement, such as asylum and extradition.
The Judicial Council ruled for his immediate dismissal, putting his very legal competence in question.
In the said motion, Roque reiterated their position that Pemberton should be with Philippine authorities citing Article V, Paragraph 3 (b) of the Visiting Forces Agreement which states that "within the scope of their legal competence, the authorities of the Philippines and the US shall assist each other in the arrest of US personnel in the Philippines and in handing them over to authorities who are to exercise jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of this article.
But in a judgement read out in the Supreme Court yesterday, senior judges concluded the Bill falls within the legal competence of the Welsh Assembly.