legal costs

See: damages
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Sir Cliff Richard has agreed a final settlement with the BBC and will receive around [pounds sterling]2 million towards his legal costs.
The Scottish Government has confirmed it has paid PS512,250 in legal costs to Alex Salmond after a court ruled its handling of complaints made against him were "unlawful".
The attorney-general's office (Law Office of the Republic) needs to put mechanisms in place to properly report payments overdue, the auditor-general has said, after it was found that some e1/42 million in unpaid legal costs awarded to the office had accumulated over a period of 24 years.
A FIRM once owned by shamed former Rangers boss Craig Whyte has been awarded legal costs by a High Court judge.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-February 27, 2019--Goldman hints at higher legal costs
Global Banking News-February 27, 2019--Goldman hints at higher legal costs
Britain's top legal costs expert has described sums charged by a blue chip law firm as the "worst over-billing" he has seen in his 35-year career.
Cold Black Label, an independent drinks company, was found guilty in their absence and given a fine of PS990, PS400 legal costs, PS136 investigation costs and a PS99 victim surcharge.
Today firms often opt to settle out of court, fearing legal costs could spiral.
agreed a financial provision of PS220k to meet the estimated 2016-17 legal costs of the ongoing internal investigation.
He added legal costs were another serious issue for the industry as they account for 60% of all payouts when the case goes to court.
The authority says it has now spent about PS600,000 in legal costs since 2014 when the dispute began over a PS14.4million council loan to stadium operators ACL, made in January 2013.