legal counsel

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5, which requires that, assisted by legal counsel, it assess the probability of a claim being asserted and the claim resulting in an unfavorable outcome.
Mullinax denied the developer's contention that the outside legal counsel wasn't interviewed during his three-month investigation.
Following the release of the audit, the firm filed a malpractice lawsuit on behalf of Los Angeles Unified against O'Melveny & Myers, LAUSD's former legal counsel for Belmont.
Automated management of Legal Hold Notices: Orchestria Legal Hold enables legal counsel to notify relevant custodians of a hold by means of an automatic electronic notification displayed on each custodian's computer screen.
was legal counsel to CNC Associates in this transaction.
Bustamante said the governor's legal counsel had contacted the Pacific Legal Foundation to informally bring the group into the negotiation process.
OTCBB:SGLS) is pleased to announce that it has retained Barbara Moran as in house legal counsel.
VideoSave enables building owners and their legal counsel to view password protected video records from any Internet enabled location on computers and Palm Pilots.
The plaintiffs and defendants have a July court date in San Fernando to meet with Judge Howard Schwab regarding their readiness for trial or their willingness to settle the matter out of court, said attorney Gary Gibeaut, whose Los Angeles firm provides legal counsel for the school district.
He also provides legal counsel and support to two of Consolidated Edison, Inc.
Do not sign an agreement without having legal counsel review it.