legal decision

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And the Commissioners, in announcing that fact, add that the question of which opinion is right is still disputed, and has never been made the subject of legal decision. Authorities are every where at variance throughout the Report.
One of these reforms was to act stoutly on the strength of a recent legal decision, and simply prescribe, without dispensing drugs or taking percentage from druggists.
The House of Commons, balked in an attack on the King and the Duke of Buckingham, suddenly turned on Bacon and impeached him for having received bribes in connection with his legal decisions as Lord Chancellor.
On July 2014 the Federal Court decided the suit should be returned to the High Court for a legal decision, per Rule 14A of the Rules of Court 2012.
The 18th annual BTI Client Service All-Stars guide is comprised of 335 attorneys who were identified for their exceptional client service by more than 350 corporate counsel and legal decision makers from organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue.
The legal decision in 2016 in Jackson County Court awarded the Newmans $16,357,618.08 including both compensatory and punitive damages.
'If Aasia Bibi's release is only a legal decision, why is there flood of personal praises directed at the CJP and Imran Khan?
Summary: Despite a legal decision to stop the expansion of the Costa Brava landfill south of Rafik Hariri International Airport, workers were seen Thursday morning continuing construction at the site.
There's no need to create a circus out of a legal decision.'
"Vienna Airport welcomes the positive legal decision announced today by the federal administrative court in favor of the third runway," Vienna Airport said in a statement.
This year's list includes 319 law firms and is the outcome of 350 in-depth interviews with top legal decision makers from the world's leading organizations.
"In connection to traffic cases which require only financial punishments, the Public Prosecution can issue a legal decision instead of it going to courts," said Dr Al Buanain.