legal decision

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And the Commissioners, in announcing that fact, add that the question of which opinion is right is still disputed, and has never been made the subject of legal decision.
One of these reforms was to act stoutly on the strength of a recent legal decision, and simply prescribe, without dispensing drugs or taking percentage from druggists.
The House of Commons, balked in an attack on the King and the Duke of Buckingham, suddenly turned on Bacon and impeached him for having received bribes in connection with his legal decisions as Lord Chancellor.
She said so far the legal processes had cost her PS30,000 and a legal decision on how much to award Ms Phillips had still not been made.
With an urge made to African governments to appoint more women judges in the highest legal decision making bodies, the 12th biennial conference of the International Women Judges Association (IAWJ) started on Monday in northern Tanzania's Arusha.
McGuireWoods jumped five spots in the 2015 survey, which is based on unprompted feedback from leading legal decision makers at large organizations with revenue of $1 billion or more.
Home Secretary Theresa May is appealing a legal decision that Qatada, 52, cannot be returned to Jordan because he cannot be guaranteed a fair trial on bomb plot charges.
Sakr said head of Arsal Municipality will be summoned by the First Military Investigation Judge to hear his testimony as witness to take the appropriate legal decision.
The requirements included the settling of the status of the NLA veteran, the government's reshuffle, the equitable representation of Albanians in the Ministry of Culture, legal decision for the official use of the Albanian language and stop to the construction of a church of Skopje's Kale.
Kenyan Mau MauWar veterans and their supporters celebrate the announcement of a legal decision in Britain''s High Court concerning the veterans
The Executiveshould fight this daft legal decision all the way.
The legal decision that ultimately caused Terri's death has been condemned by Catholic authorities, including Bishop Elio Sgreccia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life in Rome.