legal entity

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The Indictment alleges that the legal entity NAMEKS d.
Its Clarient Entity Hub acts as a central hub for investment managers, hedge funds, and corporations to upload, securely store, maintain and permission use of legal entity level information, documentation and ownership information.
Lack of Ownership - A Big Barrier Regardless of the cause, complex legal entity structures can expose organizations to excessive risk and unnecessary costs.
A signature block like the example above ensures that any party who makes a claim under a contract has recourse only against the legal entity.
Similarly, a legal entity that's exposed to the risks and/or rewards of another legal entity's economic activities may not have the power to direct the other entity's activities, in which case control wouldn't exist and consolidation shouldn't occur.
The purpose of a private legal entity is to satisfy private interests.
JR: Pork America was exceptionally different from the day it became a legal entity because producers own it.
Whether new activities are authorized in bank subsidiaries, bank holding companies, or both, the Congress, in its review of financial modernization, must consider legal entity supervision versus umbrella supervision.
The Accused Marko Jurleta is found guilty because in the period of November 2009 to August 2011 as an actual employee of the legal entity aJ' d.
the participant can not be a legal entity that is in the process of liquidation, reorganization (with the exception of a legal entity to which another legal entity joins) and an individual entrepreneur in the stage of termination of activities; a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur recognized as economically insolvent (bankrupt) in the manner prescribed by law, with the exception of a legal entity that is in the process of reorganization (to confirm all of the above with an information letter signed by an authorized person), as well as business entities included in the register of commercial organizations and Individual entrepreneurs with an increased risk of committing offenses in the economic sphere; persons specified in Article 16 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 13.
7 February 2017 - US-based media company Thomson Reuters (NYSE: TRI) has signed definitive agreements to acquire data platform Clarient Global LLC and UK-based legal entity data provider Avox Ltd.