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Conforming to the law; required or permitted by law; not forbidden by law.

The term legal is often used by the courts in reference to an inference of the law formulated as a matter of construction, rather than established by actual proof, such as legal malice.

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adj., adv. according to law, not in violation of law, or anything related to the law.

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1 pertaining to LAW.
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HEIR, LEGAL, civil law. A legal heir is one who is of the same blood of the deceased, and who takes the succession by force of law; this is different from a testamentary or conventional heir, who takes the succession in virtue of the disposition of man. See Civil, Code of Louis. art. 873, 875; Dict. de Jurisp., Heritier legitime. There are three classes of legal heirs, to wit; the children and other lawful descendants; the fathers and mothers and other lawful ascendants; and the collateral kindred. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 883.

LEGAL. That which is according to law. It is used in opposition to equitable, as the legal estate is, in the trustee, the equitable estate in the cestui que trust. Vide Powell on Mortg. Index, h.t.
     2. The party who has the legal title, has alone the right to seek a remedy for a wrong to his estate, in a court of law, though he may have no beneficial interest in it. The equitable owner, is he who has not the legal estate, but is entitled to the beneficial interest.
     3. The person who holds the legal estate for the benefit of another, is called a trustee; he who has the beneficiary interest and does not hold the legal title, is called the beneficiary, or more technically, the cestui que trust.
     4. When the trustee has a claim, he must enforce his right in a court of equity, for he cannot sue any one at law, in his own name; 1 East, 497; 8 T. R. 332; 1 Saund. 158, n. 1; 2 Bing. 20; still less can he in such court sue his own trustee. 1 East, 497.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The quadrangular relationship between property entitlements, controlling events at a distance, the accountability of agents, and legal evidence still holds tine--only now, property entitlements become clouded by business complexity and the accountability of agents by self-interest.
In his letter, Nour called upon the judges to resign "in the name of human conscience and in defense of human rights, human dignity and the dignity of Lebanese citizens."Nour has also created a website ( in which he explains the details of his case and publishes a copy of the relevant proceedings as well as the letter he sent to the Military Court and that lists the reasons and legal evidence that support his case.The young activist knows fully well that the military court is legally authorized to issue an arrest warrant against him for not attending the hearing, to which he responds by refusing to submit to the orders of the military court which he deems illegitimate, to cooperate with it or even to defend himself before it.
Computer forensics is a component of cyber-security that encompasses the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques to obtain legal evidence found in computers and digital storage mediums.
"The word 'compensation' is enough legal evidence for me to show that the government acknowledges that it was its fault," he said.
He believes, however, that despite such complexities there is still room to progress on what should be considered as legal evidence. "The definition of 'evidence' is different among EU countries which makes it very difficult to prosecute criminals who operate on an international basis."
Performing this method in a closed, disposable, and automated cartridge ensures sample integrity and prevents human error, which is important to providing legal evidence in pursuing crimes.
Other important considerations include legal evidence, timeliness and proportionate access for compliance requirements.
"The curriculum must be adjusted to their learning style." Medwed notes that, "Hiram Chodosh, the law school dean, is one of the most innovative, forward-thinking deans in the country, and has inspired many of us to think about technology." In conjunction with Aspen Publishing, Medwed is developing a web-based teaching tool to complement a textbook on legal evidence. It includes sample exams, the ability to take course exams and links to various legal tools and reference sites.
That she is not convicted on legal evidence is clearer day by day.
This requires not merely alleging that the defamation occurred but showing to the court factual and legal evidence in support of each element of the defamation claim.
A"There is no legal evidence whereby the judge could have the knowledge for issuing a stoning sentence,A" Solati said, adding that he had appealed.
Mitchell, 19, had named two other "suspects" for the slaying of the 14-year-old as part of fresh legal evidence to challenge the 2005 trial verdict.