legal expense

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References in classic literature ?
I had about two guineas left; Alan's belt having been despatched by another hand, that trusty messenger had no more than seventeen-pence to his whole fortune; and as for James, it appears he had brought himself so low with journeys to Edinburgh and legal expenses on behalf of the tenants, that he could only scrape together three-and-five-pence-halfpenny, the most of it in coppers.
It had paid out its first million for legal expenses by 1886; began first to send a million messages a day in 1888; had strung its first million miles of wire in 1900; and had installed its first million telephones in 1898.
I presume that the reason he gave was that you would receive help from Sir Charles for the legal expenses connected with your divorce?
Our experience in this specialty space reveals that the legal expense cover is particularly beneficial to insolvency practitioners or other litigants to mitigate against the potential risk of significant financial losses from adverse costs awards.
Risk Underwriters, a specialty lines underwriting manager and wholesale broker, has unveiled its new ElderCare Legal Expense Reimbursement policy for skilled care, assisted living, continuing care retirement communities and other long-term-care facilities.
For the typical celebrity defendant, the nexus between conduct and legal expense is likely to be purely personal, whatever the effects on the celebrity's career.
As this was a road traffic accident your husband's policy of motor insurance may have a legal expense provision which would cover you to bring the claim.
Legal expense insurer Invaro has taken a lease on the space within Twelve Princes Dock.
Pre-Event Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) provides protection to the insured motorist against the costs of bringing or defending legal action.
Purchasing a legal expense plan is a possible solution.
Although not obligatory, legal expense insurance is now recommended by most UK insurers.
NAS Insurance Services offers a California Workers' Compensation 132(a) and Serious and Willful Complaints Legal Expense Reimbursement Insurance Program.