legal force

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The analysis will proceed in two steps: (1) descriptively, systemizing the respective transnational legal phenomena in terms of legislative, judicial, executive transnational legal forces, and identifying normative conflicts with human, societal and environmental spheres around normative claims for legitimacy, efficiency and justice; (2) normatively, developing ways to realize these demands within these legal arenas.
The convict had missed three trials in a row before the appeal court ordered him to be brought using legal force.
It consists of several laws, which are adopted by Parliament and have the equal legal force.
Until the Russian Federation ratifies the intergovernmental agreement on acquisition of the Kyrgyz gas company by Gazprom, it will not have a legal force, Vice Prime Minister Tairbek Sarpashev said at a governmental meeting on September 9.
Google's encryption initiative was accelerated in June as the tech giant struggled to retain its users' faith as a reliable steward of information as the Prism programme allegedly obtained data from major tech companies with legal force, the Washington Post reports.
The move, along with the alliance agreement signed with the International Legal Group in Kuwait earlier this year, enhances Baker Botts' reputation as a significant legal force in the region and allows the firm to provide an even broader range of service and capabilities to clients, the release said.
documents signed, by that person, who illegitimately occupies the Office of the President of Armenia, will not have any legal force for
Although the statement does not have any legal force and does not count as a set of regulations, it is a very clear recommendation for players in Kuwait's Islamic finance sector to make certain they have appointed 'a sufficient number of observers'.
This measure is part of a process that began in 2010, with the launch of the digital signature, which gives legal force to La Gazeta in its online version.
Finding support in Sid Love, Cephis worked to uncover the dinosaur, and had to work against a massive legal force which wanted to steal his discovery and how in his efforts he made paleontological history.
Countries will continue negotiations on a new treaty with legal force by 2015, planning to make it operational by 2020, thus ending the divide between developed countries that have long polluted and fast-growing developing nations emerging as major polluters.
His concern here, by contrast, is with the mechanics of condemnation, such as who initiated and who oversaw it, whether there was any legal force to it, how it affected the man whose ideas were targeted, and what other factors were involved.