legal heir

See: legatee
References in classic literature ?
Petersburg again, since everything there was horrible, and he had to entertain a worthless nephew whom he had sworn to disinherit in favour of a legal heir; and, finally, that it was to obtain such a legal heir that he was seeking my hand in marriage.
He will then be the legal heir to everything and you won't get anything.
But for some time his family thought it likely that David would never reappear; and the eldest son, who had the charge of Jacob on his hands, often thought it a little hard that David might perhaps be dead, and yet, for want of certitude on that point, his legacy could not fall to his legal heir.
Black newspapers would fancy A'Lelia's adopted daughter and only legal heir, Mae Walker, as a tan Cinderella.
The bank's argument is that she must be removed from the category because she was not the founder of the bank, though she is the legal heir of its co-founder, Ashok Kapur.
If the 1948 law requiring male emperors isn't changed and the 38-year-old crown princess and her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito, don't give birth to a boy in the next few years, there will be no legal heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne.
certificate or a legal heir certificate to inherit such securities.
A legal source said: "The judges requested evidence that the victim's brother was her legal heir.
The trial was adjourned last week to give lawyers time to prove that the victim's brother, Frank Gilford, was her legal heir.
One of the key amendments being opposed by Muslim MPs was insertion of a sub section in section 5 stating that the custodian/ government would continue to hold enemy property even after the death of the owner, irrespective of the fact that his legal heir or successor was a citizen of India.
Perry served as a model for the company and was later adopted by and was the only legal heir of Walker's famous daughter, A'Lelia, the grand hostess of the Harlem Renaissance.
A spokesperson for Al Ahlia Insurance Company stated that the cashing process for compensation to the victims families will be carried out in accordance with the laws applicable in each country and that the process could take some time due to the procedures by which each victim`s legal heir is determined according to the Bahrain Tribune.