legal heir

See: legatee
References in classic literature ?
Petersburg again, since everything there was horrible, and he had to entertain a worthless nephew whom he had sworn to disinherit in favour of a legal heir; and, finally, that it was to obtain such a legal heir that he was seeking my hand in marriage.
He will then be the legal heir to everything and you won't get anything.
But for some time his family thought it likely that David would never reappear; and the eldest son, who had the charge of Jacob on his hands, often thought it a little hard that David might perhaps be dead, and yet, for want of certitude on that point, his legacy could not fall to his legal heir. But in this state of things the opposite certitude--namely, that David was still alive and in England--seemed to be brought by the testimony of a neighbour, who, having been on a journey to Cattelton, was pretty sure he had seen David in a gig, with a stout man driving by his side.
Q: Given that the 10 legitimate children of Ton are not legal heirs of their illegitimate brother, Juanito, does it make Modie then the legal heir of the deceased?
Legal heir of Nursi says state monopoly on 'Risale-i Nur' unacceptable
certificate or a legal heir certificate to inherit such securities.
3) Guardianship certificate (if a legal heir is a minor, or legally disqualified person) from the relevant court duly attested as mentioned below, mentioning the name of the guardian for the minor or legally disqualified legal heir.
The required documents are a death certificate, ID copy of the deceased, "legal heir document", power of attorney for legal heir and legal heir's passport copy.
"And if she is confirmed as the daughter of Bobby Fischer, then by Icelandic law she is his legal heir."
Walsh, whose partner of 13 years, Carol Flyzik, was on American Airlines Flight 11 when it slammed into the World Trade Center, is the first to receive money for the death of a partner who was not a legal heir. "It's sort of bittersweet--sweet since they recognized me for equality reasons but bitter because it was all about my partner being killed," Walsh said.
According to the court, his son and legal heir had standing to recover for damages for pain the deceased inmate suffered.
Perry served as a model for the company and was later adopted by and was the only legal heir of Walker's famous daughter, A'Lelia, the grand hostess of the Harlem Renaissance.