legal incompetence

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Yet Taibbi finds that the states failure to indict the officer responsible for Garners death wasn't a result of legal incompetence, but of a frightening, well-established efficiency:
Where the researcher was not black, the ordinary principles of SA law were valid and the legal incompetence of black women according to traditional law did not apply.
The prosecutor then reportedly, due to legal incompetence, referred the new investigation file to the prosecutor's office of the Gaziantep 5th Armored Brigade Command.
According to the Veterans Administration healthcare system and, the FBI, a determination of legal incompetence qualifies a person as "adjudicated mentally defective," resulting in loss of the right to firearms.
Dural charged that Castaloni's management style was "marked by unprofessionalism, legal incompetence and questionable integrity."
Legal incompetence is the lack of legal ability to do something, especially to testify or stand trial.
In Britain legal incompetence allows you to do it for nothing.
I have suffered two years of legal incompetence and dishonesty.'
In law, notwithstanding legal incompetence, a client "often has the ability to understand, deliberate upon, and reach conclusions about matters affecting the client's own well-being.
Stir in a bit of legal incompetence with the prosecution failing to counter crucial evidence about mobile phones, and the police appearing to bribe a mentally unstable girl with treats, and you've got yet another Great British Courtroom Disaster.
"Capital punishment in Illinois is a system so riddled with faulty evidence, unscrupulous trial tactics, and legal incompetence that justice has been forsaken," the reporters declared in summing up their discoveries.

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