legal inquiry

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Nor were there wanting some, who, after the departure of Jenny, insinuated that she was spirited away with a design too black to be mentioned, and who gave frequent hints that a legal inquiry ought to be made into the whole matter, and that some people should be forced to produce the girl.
The amendment is progressive as it allows for a legal inquiry into a death that would not have occurred if the patient had received a reasonable standard of care during the medical intervention.
Standardizes the management of entitlements across unstructured data repositories to reduce the cost of administration; simplify the audit of authorizations for compliance; and enable IT to implement fine-grained access control across applications quickly to react to business change, regulations, or legal inquiry of entitlements across unstructured data repositories.
Now, after the publication of the official report, solicitor general Frank Mulholland confirmed the legal inquiry into Britain's first anthrax case in 30 years.
And he faces a legal inquiry over his decision to step down early and join a company closely involved in decisions he took in his role as European Union supremo for ndustry and telecommunications.
The FA are awaiting their own legal inquiry before deciding whether to take the matter further.
To meet that goal, and in light of the Commission's pending legal inquiry of Microsoft inclusion of IE in Windows, the firm announces in June the plans of shipping Windows 7 "E" in Europe where the "E" version means that the new operating system will include all the features and functionality of Windows 7 other than browsing with Internet Explorer.
And one of Scotland's best legal brains, solicitor Len Murray, claimed the SPL's conduct over the promotion and relegation fiasco is worthy of a legal inquiry.
THE DEATH of a young mother just weeks after she underwent routine surgery is at the centre of a legal inquiry.
Already facing a Swiss legal inquiry into its bid and potential questioning by the US Department of Justice, in the latest twist Qatar has been linked to alleged bribery in Germany's successful bid for the 2006 World Cup.
Ms Ashcroft said the delay has been very frustrating and added that the family will not be able to get closure until the legal inquiry is over.
Regularly, letters from Today's Zaman readers come to me that seem to be more of a legal inquiry than one of cultural issues: They are certainly of an ethical nature

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