legal instructions

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MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell misreported McCulloch's decision to change the legal instructions for the grand jury.
e legal instructions had removed the possibility of the jury nding Marks guilty only of manslaughter, it was argued.
Scott Richardson, of Pace Rehabilitation, explains: “Every day, Pace Rehabilitation exchanges confidential data with a range of external third parties across the country, including patient sensitive legal instructions from barristers, solicitors, insurers and case managers.
The HSS, after a precharge investigation, found probable cause to charge Malana for less grave neglect of duty for failure to implement the standing rules and regulations of the custodial service and failure to comply with specific legal instructions to inform the higher headquarters of updates regarding his unit.
The nine member jury spent over two hours listening to granular legal instructions before Apple's McElhinny began his presentation just after lunch.
If the legal instructions provided fall outside of generally accepted appraisal standards and are contrary to USPAP, can you accept the assignment?
He declined to set out any potential grounds of challenge until further legal instructions have been received.
Parker said, it did not appear from the record that the prosecutor who presented the evidence to the grand jurors gave them any instruction on the elements of murder, advised them that they had the right to receive legal instructions or gave them the option of returning an indictment for any offense less than first-degree murder.
Ms O'Rourke said that, in the light of the psychiatrist's diagnosis, she considered herself to be without legal instructions from Dr Al-Zayyat.
The president said, "No one can withdraw a single dollar without the legal instructions [of the Majlis].
Vidmar: Another thing is for judges to give what are called pre-instructions, that is, legal instructions at the start of the trial.