legal instructions

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Occasions do arise where legal instructions are received after the "point of no return".
Under the law, if jurors found both the paranoid schizophrenia and drug use contributed to the crime, then the defendant may not be found guilty-but-insane, according to legal instructions given to the jury.
The legal instructions on how jurors are to resolve the case are commonly withheld until the last moment, a mode of proceeding one judge has compared with asking jurors to watch a ball game and decide who won without letting them know the rules till play is over.
The connection with Basis 100 will give lenders the ability to send legal instructions, with the "click of a button", to any lawyer that is part of the CLN network.
Upon arraignment, the defendant is entitled to receive a transcript of the legal instructions given to the grand jury.
The jurors seemed clear about their task, and it took them just four hours of deliberations after they were given legal instructions Thursday.
This website enables adult users in the US to instantly create a Living Will without having to download software or interpret complicated legal instructions.
Solicitor Patricia Cronin informed Judge John Coughlan she had been unable to get clear legal instructions from her client.
Judge Agnes read a special set of legal instructions typically given to deadlocked juries and asked the jurors to resume their deliberations.
The following suggestions come from their article Making Legal Instructions Understandable: A Psychologuistic Study of Jury Instructions.
Before jurors began deliberations, Weisberg read them legal instructions for approximately two hours, including:"You must not be influenced by pity for the defendants or bias against them.

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