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The public trust doctrine, according to Elizabeth Brown, legal coordinator for Our Children's Trust, is one of the overarching legal instruments used in this and similar legal challenges her organization is pursuing.
As it can be seen from these five strategies of drafting/co-drafting legal texts, the greatest shift produced in legal translation is that from fidelity to the source text to fidelity to the content of the law, the main focus being on preserving the meaning or the 'legal intent' of the legal instrument unaltered.
These legal instruments were collectively called "the Warsaw Regime," meaning that the parent treaty was the Warsaw Convention.
The OSPAR Convention is the legal instrument for international cooperation for protection of the North East Atlantic marine environment.
The UN body that is mandated to protect intellectual property worldwide has backed the adoption by a number of African States of a new legal instrument that seeks to protect the continent's traditional knowledge and folklore.
And they accused the business of "sharp practice" in using a legal instrument to try to hold on to its remaining routes.
The ILO has long been arguing in favour of a specific legal instrument for this particularly vulnerable category of workers.
PPPs are among the most unique legal developments in the EU and are described as an essential legal instrument for the delivery of public services and as an innovative interface between the public and private sectors.
The act of intentionally relinquishing or abandoning a known right, claim or privilege; also the legal instrument evidencing such an act.
As for the legal instrument, countries agreed to defer a decision on the issue until after the Kyoto pact's entry into force.
Three oil companies, one of which is allegedly operating in Venezuelan waters, obtained concessions on the continental shelf and in marine areas in the disputed territory between Guyana and Venezuela; The 1966 Geneva Accord, signed by Venezuela and Great Britain on behalf of British Guyana, is the legal instrument for the resolution of the claim to Essequibo, some 159,500 square kilometers, following the controversy that arose as a consequence of the Laudo Arbitration in 1899 on the disputed border region.
Thus, the national currencies will be mere subdivisions of the euro until January 1, 2002, and it is specifically provided that any reference made in any legal instrument to one of the national currencies "shall be as valid as if reference were made to the euro unit according to the conversion rates.