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It has been endorsed by the UN's World Intellectual Property Organisation whose Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore is working towards the development of a legal instrument for the effective protection of Africa's traditional knowledge.
The introduction of the euro shall not have the effect of altering any legal term of a legal instrument or of discharging or excusing performance under any legal instrument, nor give a party the right unilaterally to alter or terminate such an instrument.
In the meantime, the EEIG provides the only supra-national legal instrument available for cross-border cooperation in Europe.
This requires a legal instrument as our current laws do not draw distinctions between children from different countries.
He said to fight the menace, United Nations Convention against Corruption is the worlds strongest legal instrument to build integrity and fight corruption.
And they accused the business of "sharp practice" in using a legal instrument to try to hold on to its remaining routes.
As for the legal instrument, countries agreed to defer a decision on the issue until after the Kyoto pact's entry into force.
Whereas an executive order is a powerful legal instrument, it doesn't carry the rule of law--and it can be revoked at will by future presidents, although doing so can be politically risky.
Three oil companies, one of which is allegedly operating in Venezuelan waters, obtained concessions on the continental shelf and in marine areas in the disputed territory between Guyana and Venezuela; The 1966 Geneva Accord, signed by Venezuela and Great Britain on behalf of British Guyana, is the legal instrument for the resolution of the claim to Essequibo, some 159,500 square kilometers, following the controversy that arose as a consequence of the Laudo Arbitration in 1899 on the disputed border region.
As per Tony Nsanganira, Rwanda s state minister for agriculture, issues in the milk industry developed the requirement for a legal instrument to regulate the division.
PARIS, April 3 (KUNA) -- French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Wednesday welcomed as "very good news" the approval Tuesday by the UN General Assembly of a Treaty on the Arms Trade, noting it was the first time such a legal instrument had been agreed at this level.
As for the legal instrument, countries agreed to defer the decision on the issue until after the Kyoto pact's entry into force.