legal investigation

See: inquest
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The legal investigation ended in Madame Laure's release.
They didn't have Whiteout Legal Investigation Services after them, though, did they?
Legal investigation and comparison of international policies will be conducted by University of Oslo and Bird&Bird.
That strike prevented Chinese and Swiss ships from working for over ten days, and only finished when workers were promised a timetable for the restructuring of employment and a legal investigation into the recent dismissals.
After the necessary legal investigation by the public prosecutor, the case was referred to the competent court, an official said.
It has now become a worldwide criminal and legal investigation that could destroy a media empire, the credibility of Britain's biggest police force and the careers of senior politicians, including one kilted one.
My home computer was hacked into by an unknown source and this is currently under legal investigation," the New York Daily News quoted Jackson as telling People magazine.
The Lebanese daily L'Orient Le Jour reported Tuesday that Bellemare had informed Ban of his intention to resign over "increasing politicization of the legal investigation.
Imams across the kingdom also used the Friday prayers to blame Al Wefaq Society for its conspiracy with the ambassador against the country and said that its members should face legal investigation.
Members of his own centrist Kadima party, however, endorsed Olmert's view that a high-profile legal investigation would have paralysed the political and military leaderships for a prolonged period.
The group is still conducting a legal investigation into what it described as 'clear evidence' the UK figures, emanating from the Stratford-upon-Avon head office had been mis-stated.
The business has now closed down following a legal investigation into his share dealings mounted by USA watchdogs.