legal investigation

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The legal investigation ended in Madame Laure's release.
The auditor said conduct issues were identified during its probe and during the independent legal investigation.
mission broken down into: - firm tranche: preliminary and feasibility studies, - optional tranche 1: assistance with regulatory procedures and legal investigation, - optional tranche 2: assistance in recruiting a project manager.
Kim and husband West had tried every possible way to help free their friend, using their connections to the White House to appeal to President Donald Trump amid the arrest and legal investigation, a source previously told PEOPLE.
The arrested accused have been handed over to Sindh Police for further legal investigation.
An ongoing legal investigation indicates that these companies have likely committed various acts of fraud, including:
The STEM programmes are important to Qatar as well as to Occidental by preparing students as potential future workers and leaders in the energy sector." Forensic science is the application of science and technology to collect, preserve and analyse evidence to be used in the course of a legal investigation. Participants in the camp learned the history of forensic analysis and how it evolved into today's specialised career field.
In a statement on the alleged misappropriation of funds, the centre said, 'Referring to what is going around on social media, we can confirm that competent authorities such as the Public Prosecution and Ministry of Education are fully engaged in this case in accordance with legal investigation procedure.'
A legal investigation had been initiated to determine the circumstances of these deaths, Spokesperson for the Tunis Court of First Instance told TAP.
In a press statement on Friday, Egyptian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Nasser Hamdy, said that the General Consulate of Egypt in Jeddah had immediately sent its delegate to Jazan, where the crime took place, to follow up with the legal investigation and to expedite the return of the body to Egypt at the state's expense.
He said that a legal investigation would be carried out.
Why is he reclining on the judiciary to stave off a legal investigation? Is the allegation that he has compromised some judicial officers then true?