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Doolittle began to discover that neither architecture nor his law was quite suitable to the growing wealth and intelligence of the settlement; and after exacting the last cent that was attainable in his compromise, to use the language of the country he “pulled up stakes,” and proceeded farther west, scattering his professional science and legal learning through the land; vestiges of both of which are to be discovered there even to the present hour.
Summary: New Delhi (India), July 17 (ANI): President Ram Nath Kovind made a case for availability of Supreme Court and High Court judgements in regional languages and said the move will help spread legal learning, understanding and awareness across the country.
He said that in the initial period, this will be a boon to litigants but eventually it will help spread the light of legal learning and understanding of the nuances of law across our country.
Unlike western countries, whose governments "had to be much more careful about how they involved themselves in citizens' legal learning", ruling parties in socialist politics such as China not only engaged directly in the popularization of law.
The book describes how China implemented laws and disseminated legal learning materials to the populace.
The annual Festival of Legal Learning in February 2017 featured the Center's Consumer Law and Consumer Credit Symposium, with ten separate classes.
The book is composed of four two-chapter sections that treat the institutional and intellectual history of the Inns of Court, the development of legal learning and its connection to literary pursuits by Inns of Court men, literary and political precedents that contributed to the Inns' intellectual culture, and ways that Inns tragedies of the 1560s were both the "first step" in the "domestication" (170) of Senecan tragedy as a way to explore questions about government and a way for the Inns' members to articulate and claim a place for themselves in the Elizabethan polity.
FORTY YOUNGSTERS from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida put their summer legal learning to use by conducting mock trials at the offices of Ninth Judicial Circuit Public Defender Robert Wesley.
Moji grew up in Middlesbrough and attended college in Guisborough, where she began on her legal learning path.
Moji grew up in Middlesbrough and attended college in Guisborough where she began on her legal learning path.
Legal learning is what only law schools can effectively convey.
They performed a crucial role as advisors of local Muslims and advocated for them with Christian authorities, but at the same time bore the criticism of jurists in the major centers of Islamic legal learning in Granada, Morocco, and Algeria for their lack of proper education and their incorrect applications of Islamic law.