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That is to fulfill its legal mandate to maintain price stability, a requirement contained in the basic EU treaty that set up the bank as the chief monetary authority for the shared currency.
Various initiatives, from time to time, included the defining of Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Department of AGP; aligning of audit independence, legal mandate, organization and financial independence with Lima and Mexico Declarations; upgrading the Department audit methodologies; and improving human resources.
To ensure the legal mandate of the obligation to operate for the protection of the required personnel requirement is under the temporary use of temporary workers / inside in the respective subject-specific professional groups cleaner / in and Saunameister / in, lifeguard / in, cashier / interior and professional staff / e for BEnderbetriebe required ,
But in submitting to US political wishes and preferences, the UNSC is compromising and undermining its own legal mandate and authority", the foreign ministry stressed.
There is little doubt here that France will undertake air strikes against ISIL in Syria, but some questions have been raised about the legitimacy and legal mandate for such operations.
The stars are aligned for reform: a straightforward legal mandate, strong support from homegrown science and a new governor owing no special allegiance to timber interests.
gov, whereas the medical-products industry has been more responsive to the legal mandate," they noted.
New Delhi: India's central bank governor Raghuram Rajan cut interest rates in an unscheduled move days after the government agreed for the first time to give the central bank a legal mandate to target inflation.
Into the argument, since the IAEA has verified the non-diversion of the nuclear materials, it has to stick to its guns and fulfill certain duties as well: - Stay within its legal mandate, return Iran's nuclear dossier to the Agency headquarters, and normalize the process of dealing with it.
In such a scenario, the bank would find it difficult to meet its legal mandate of ensuring price stability, Zurbruegg said.
The DG said the developing countries were facing challenges of unplanned urbanization, weak building control governance, population growth, expansion of livelihood activities in hazard prone areas and environmental degradation which could be effectively met through institutional infrastructure with clarity of roles and responsibility, legal mandate, capacity building and performance accountability.
Based on this support from the two parties and recognising the legal mandate of the IEC, the UN now encourages the IEC Board to rapidly meet and adopt the necessary regulatory decisions so that the next stage of the audit can commence.