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Al-Hajji pointed out that the committee discussed a draft law establishing the General Food Authority (prepared on the proposal of the "amended" law submitted by the Chamber of Deputies) and reviewed its objectives while listening to a legal memorandum prepared by the legal advisor of the committees.
We presented to Prime Minister Hariri a legal memorandum explaining the situation of the independent and public institutions, and he promised to deal positively with this.
Legal memorandum is a case summary or short synopsis of a case and must include legal arguments and should contain legal citations that support the legal arguments being put forward in the memorandum.
Preparing a legal memorandum by PCHR on equating the divorced woman with the widowed in the custody of children and raising the age of marriage.
The Speaker of the Arab Parliament noted that the legal memorandum issued by the Arab Parliament on discussion of the status of Sudan on the list of states sponsoring terrorism, and after an in-depth study and extensive discussions with Sudan and identifying the views of the regional and international unions, organizations and bodies that have participated in the hearing, has confirmed the Sudan's implementation of all its commitments in the plan of the five tracks agreed upon with the United States of America, and the realization of Sudan requirements of the second round of the US-Sudanese dialogue.
Al-Salami said that AP's legal memorandum demanding a review of Sudan's status as a state sponsor of terrorism came after an in-depth and detailed discussion with Khartoum and the vision of the regional and international organisations that participated in the session.
Their topics include case law: researching and briefing, computers and Internet legal research, legal analysis : stating the issue, the writing process for effective legal writing, and office legal memorandum: analysis to conclusion.
"This letter is supported by a legal memorandum including practical, moral, political, legal and humanitarian answers refuting allegations upon which Sudan's name was placed on the [terror] list," he said.
More impressive is ROSS' ability to draft a legal memorandum. The memo is reportedly almost indistinguishable from that drawn up by a human lawyer.
He added that Parliamentary Speaker Ali Abdul Aal sent a legal memorandum to the prime minister confirming that Master's degree holders have the right to employment, yet 764 Master's degree holders are not employed.
Legal Memorandum: Is Ted Cruz Eligible for the Presidency?, The Atlantic
In the process of assisting the Schaeffler Group with the debt restructuring, a comprehensive legal memorandum was created that identified and analyzed various U.S.