legal methods

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He had played an exciting hand and won, beating the steamship companies down into the dust and mercilessly robbing the stockholders by perfectly legal methods before he let go.
You understand, my dear baron, that legal methods are the safest in criminal cases; it was, perhaps, some plot against you.
It was the case of General Lampton that revived crucifixion as a legal method of execution.
Pala specified that while the two legal methods of winding down a company, which is liquidation of bankruptcy, contain instruments protecting creditors from being abused or damaged, mergers do not contain any such instrument.
Tribune News Network Doha Qatari junior lawyers on Saturday opened the Qatar Law Forum (JLF) 2017 with a debate on the varying effectiveness of the different legal methods available to resolve international disputes.
The debate focused on the varying effectiveness of different legal methods available to resolve international disputes.
Despite the reliance and acceptance of illegal streams and downloads, many millennials are turning more and more to legal methods.
We honor and respect the law and we will defend the rights of the state to use all legal methods, and we will do it quite efficiently," Volodymyr Groysman emphasized.
Everyone can use the legal methods to minimise a tax bill.
In a casebook for a course introducing legal reasoning, Ginsburg initiates students in the legal methods of case law analysis and statutory interpretation.
The objective of the Conference was to discuss the draft law on civil forfeiture which is part of boosting instruments of fight against corruption, adoption of efficient legal methods in the recovery of looted assets.